Rick and Daryl - Outpost Outcasts

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...and Dwight of course, but pfffft. ;-)

I would like to put forth a request to exchange Rick and Daryls RETALIATE trait in favor of the REVENGE trait.

Yes yes, I know this will screw everyone's outpost defense, but isn't it really REALLY really sad that EVERYONE parks the two greatest male icons of TWD in their Outpost???

AND... hasn't NGs @Kaz always said that if EVERYONE does a thing then it just might be a flaw in the game???

Now hold your horses and understand that the BG, yours truly, is NOT a huge lover of the REVENGE trait, but... On Rick and Daryl it actually might be attractive.

And retaliate on a ranged survivor is stupid. Really really stupid. Neat... But... No, not neat, just stupid.

Revenge RICK will definitely love love LOVE taking up with a bruiser like Morgan, who takes a hit, charges his trait, activates Ricks revenge, boosted by Ricks leader trait (since Morgan is next to the target), and BOOM! Colt Python magic.

Think about it NGs, this would be a good move for two of your iconic heroes.

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