Looking for badge strategies

I´m lost in badges. Not because I have too much, but I don´t know how to equip them to the right classes.

Which classes get what kind of badges to get the most out of it? I tried a lot this weekend and I´m still a bit confused.

Search function didn´t point me to answers :/


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    @Undertaker please go and check out WordPress.com TWD NML it has a very helpful guide to everything thing NML related including some simple advice on best badges to put on each class...

    Happy badge sort and placement! Take full advantage of the rest of the day to play and assign your badges! Hope you get this quick enough to help you!!!!
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    To add to that...

    If like me you don't have but a few DR badges. In that case use them wisely and on the hero/survivors you use at the higher difficulties. Sasha and any melee toons you use them is probably best.

    Also your everyday team would also benefit from your best badge sets to get the extra bonus. Always try and get all 6 to extra bonus where you can.

    Also, if like me...

    you have an abundance of high critical chance badges. You should not completely disregard those. I use 1 per on my main range toons and pink range toons...don't waste a 21% critical chance badge by using a 3% dr badge on an every day toon🤪
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    That said if you have great ones like above, you can't go wrong.

    I personally have my main everyday team as strong and balanced as I can get and my high difficulty and others more like above as I can...just minus all the DR, I have to use health in its place.
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    Friends don't let friends waste high percentage badges🤣🤣🤣
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    Always try and use the best you have🤔
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    Yeah in most instances I agree.. but if you push +5 your survivors in Challenges, Crit chance doesn’t work at all.. so I’d rather choose a common badge of something different that does work! :)
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    A Critical chance on a 3 pink star or higher hunter, assault or shooter with a piercing weapon😍Daryl doesn't look bad dressed in one, for that matter neither does Carol🤗🤗🤗
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    Would still choose 3 damage and 3 Crit damage on a hunter and shooter all day long.. But I concede and will throw up a white flag @CBgaming1969 :)
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    Never Surrender 😁
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    Because it's great in theory, but what do you do when you run out of those???
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    Placing the badges is almost an art.
    What i did was a hell of a work. Step by step
    1. Making a catalogue of all badges (green and higher) had about 350 or so
    2. Every single batch got its own small paper card in the right color with all its information on it including its position. There are 6 positions named as kl. 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 and who has the badge at the moment (i needed to find it when the time comes)
    3. Every survivor also got his/her paper card
    4. I had a closer look to the leader traits and set together an inner circle including the best leaders plus the best non heroes (one of each class)
    5. Then i createt some special squads for example 2 shooters and a bruiser (when there are enemies to fight) another squad was my power squad with my 2 best hunters and 2 best assaults and so on
    6. Then i played some good old jigsaw puzzle on the floor where i placed all badges to the most suitable survivor according to possible teammates and classes
    7. At the next free change of badges i have put the puzzle together in the game

    So, if anybody has a better idea... let me know
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    What is best to go for in badges? Crit? Chances? Thats too complicatet for me. My theory is directly DMG. If my survivor has a great basic damage, he need no chances or crit. Boom, dead, next please. Kill a few then the special trait is loaded. I dont need chances.
    But i am sure there are a lot of nerds out there who knows more about the most effective combination
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    ... sorry, forgot something... of course i also use crit and chances, they are not my first choice bu5 you can only place 3 dmg. So my standard setup is 3x dmg, 1x health, 2x what i found in the puzzle, lol
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    @Kasimir I put all my badges on an Excel spreadsheet, only kept Legendary, Epic and Rare, capturing data such as type, position, trait bonus etc. and basically as much pertinent data as possible, in multiple columns. Then you can take advantage of Excel functions such as sorting and filter. I like the card idea that you came up with as well, the spreadsheet does pretty much the same.

    @Mystique I wish I had the information that you posted before on how you like to assign badges, based on class. I will review what I have done and probably redo everything!

    Don't forget, free badge swap next weekend as well.

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    > @Mystique said:
    > Friends don’t let friends use Crit chance badges @CBgaming1969 :joy:

    There's a place in this game for crit chance badges and that's on a warrior. That's the only place :lol:. I have Michonne's damage at around 8k damage, she has gold destructive and a solid crit chance badge means that a good number of her charge attacks do 15-18k damage rather than the usual 7-8k :smile:

    Damage reduction > Health badges. I wouldn't put a health badge on a survivor that wasn't already at 80% damage reduction. Other than I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestions!

    @Undertaker If your survivor has the defensive stance trait you will still need 60% DR from a combination of badges and iron skin. Something to bear in mind as I thought it added directly so I was only putting one badge on Abe expecting him to be at 80% in overwatch and scratching my head wondering why he was taking so much damage. I bumped him up to 65% this weekend and he is much more sturdy!
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    I thought about exel as well... but i am pendling during the week and only had my ipad with me... and a box full of cards. Besides, i am a bit old fashioned, like to use good old paper and pencil. I admit it looked a bit funny when i spread the cards all over the floor.🤪
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    This is about the same setup for the badges i use. Shooters, hunters and assaults i use to pump up with dmg while bruisers are more like meat shield. My strongest bruiser has over 11000 health
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    Thanks for the tips everyone I managed to squeeze out extra damage on my A team. I was so worried about trying to complete sets and only equip epic and leg badges, I didn't realize how usefull the rare badges can be.
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