Doing more for the mid level (15-22) players... a few thoughts

I've now been playing this game for just under a year, and have enjoyed it a lot - especially being with a very friendly and casual guild. However, despite playing every challenge to a decent standard, grinding whenever gas allows (and sometimes spending to grind more) I've only just hit lv21 - and that's because I've 'skipped' every other level (e.g. bypassing lv20, 18, 16 gear upgrades).

At the current rate of progress, that means that I'll probably get to the current max rank of 24 around October/November... just in time for a new Council Upgrade I suspect. All told, it means that dedicated new players to the game can expect almost a year and a half before they reach the level cap, and and substantially longer before they've got the gear and tokens for 'endgame' (Distance Hard completion, 1000+ challenge stars).

One interesting aspect of this LONG journey is that buying weapons/armor in bundles makes no sense at all, because you'll level out of their usefulness within a month or so. I'd be more than happy to throw down money on a decent set of weapons, but won't be doing so until I'm at max level and there isn't a council upgrade round the corner... that's almost 2 years of money NG has lost from me as a customer. That's 2 years before NG can effectively monetize ANY new customers unless they're rich or stupid.

So... some possible solutions:

Heirloom weapons - World Of Warcraft did this in order to make lower level rewards more desirable and stimulate fun during the grind. Why don't NG consider selling weapons that grow with you for: Up to 5 levels (player level 0-14), up to 4 levels (lv15-19), up to 3 levels (20-22), 2 levels (23-24) and then single levels at the current lv cap. That would encourage people to spend on bundles when they're lower rank - knowing that it will be still usable for more than a month or so.

Level boost - Maybe pay a one off amount to upgrade council level, weapon and training camps by a certain amount. This is obviously very tricky in terms of game mechanics and would annoy a lot of people because it feels very Pay To Win. However, I feel that something should be done about the current situation of new players starting off 1.5years behind others and the demotivation factor that brings.

Token scaling - The key advantage longer term players have is the number of pink star characters built up over time. Although Distance Hard rewards more tokens, it's not vastly higher than Normal and so I've no issue there. The difficulty in current rewards is that the value of token rewards diminishes as you promote, so I understand why veterans feel that 30 tokens is virtually worthless (while a newer player might see it as a good reward). Personally I've always been confused as to why NG didn't implement a system where you level up characters through their own XP gained and use the XP boost/gas mechanics to monetise over tokens. I don't blame high level players for not seeing the value in token bundles - but XP levelling would have made selling boosts viable for everyone.

Now I don't expect to see the 2nd two happening, but why heirloom weapons hasn't happened is beyond me - NG are missing out on a lot of money by selling weapon bundles that won't appeal to a large number of players.
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