Heirloom weapons

I tried to post this before, but it got lost in the "Pit of Moderation" due to 2 edits...

I'm sure this must have been posted before - but surely NG are missing out on plenty of $ from lower level players due to the way that weapon bundles work. Practically speaking, there's very little reason to spend money on weapons as you're leveling up - dropping $10 or $20 on a rifle that might only last you a few weeks (before you level up) isn't exactly an attractive option... and the process of going from lv1 survivors to lv24 takes a year if you're fast, and probably more like 1.5yrs if you're not playing every day.

Looking across at other games, the concept of legacy or heirloom weapons goes some way to addressing this issue by having gear that levels with you. For a Freemium game like NML that doesn't make sense, but a limited version of that idea might help sell bundles. I'd suggest:

Weapons/armor bought at lv 1-15 = level up 4 times (7 inc initial 3 levels) before max cap
16-19 = 3 times before max cap
20-22 = 2 times before cap
23-24 (or current max level) = 1 time

So, to give an example - if my highest level assault hero was lv16 then I could buy a weapon from a bundle and it would level to lv19 as usual, but as I level my survivors up it would continue leveling up to lv22 before needing replacement.

That way you'd still sell weapons to max level players with each council upgrade, but you'd provide lower level players with a reason to spend money on weapon/armor bundles that are currently VERY unattractive.



  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    Just to be clear, these would be distinct from normal Legendaries that you get from crates etc - those would still be upgradeable just 3 times.
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,139
    Very good thought, this could actually work on both sides I think 👌

    Great idea!

    @Kaz tagging you only to make sure you see that post.
  • Big_Daddy_FatsBig_Daddy_Fats Member Posts: 21
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    Love this idea! My hero levels are 15 and you're right, the only things I purchase are the max gas and the double exp (if an event to make use of it is going on). It doesn't make sense for me to buy a weapons bundle when:

    A.) it takes forever to level the darn weapon in the first place
    B.) by the time it's fully leveled I'm about ready to level my council again

    I've passed on all the bundles even though there were weapons I really wanted but if an awesome weapon would actually level with my characters for 2-3 levels that would be more than a little tempting.

    Not having to luck out grinding after every level? Count me in!
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    Yup, this current bundle (camo assault) is a great example of a bundle that I'd definitely buy - but I'm about to level up again, so isn't going to happen. NG waiting 12-18 months to fully monetize players seems like an odd decision, and there's no need to impact top-level players with the right implementation.
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