Weapons made for Purchase or appearing in various shops

WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
Weapons made for phase aren't displaying their damage values.
Maybe not a bug but an oversight on your part.

It would be nice to know and compare the damage numbers similar to what is being displayed into equipment inventory.


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,114
    You won't see their damage because on every lvl it's different.

    Most of the times it has the same damage as your weapons in the invertory that you already have in any given class.

    So for instance purchased assault rifle with base 24 will have the same damage as any other that you have legendary base 24.

    There are some exceptions but that should be stated in the description.
  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
    I'm talking about the weapons that already show the base level if they can post the base level you are getting they can post the damage as well right.
  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
    edited June 2018
    For example there are some weapons like the pistol (Special Someone) and the spear (Kingdom Spear). Their damage is actually different from the base damage of a weapon of their level.
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