Please help me get past 11-1! Tips for Episode 11

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I have been stuck on this stupid mission for weeks! I have tried every combination of survivors that I have. Any tips appreciated! Here is what I have at my disposal:
Level 13 epic assault
Level 12 epic assault
Level 12 epic scout
Level 12: hunter, 3 shooters, 2 warriors
Screenshot 2016 02 13 22 56 37

Updates: I've finally finished episode 11. Comment if you need help!



  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
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    Think I used either 3 hunters or 2 hunters and a warrior for this. Your probably gonna want to level a little more, use 1 ap to walk across smaller mounds to get chance to kill spawns with other ap, and obviously avoid the larger mounds.
    Hunters make it much easier as you can target multiple zombies and cover your shots easier than with shooters.
    May want to watch YouTube vids to get an idea of how they ran it and plan your routes through map.
  • MadmatMadmat Member Posts: 6
    Did it with lvl11 warrior, shooter & hunter. Now stuck on 11.4 tho :/
  • ZeenaZeena Member Posts: 126
    Senoia survivor I'm in the same boat as you! I have been trying for weeks on episode 11/1 too. I think we need to level up like necro was saying
    I've been using:
    13 epic Hunter (problem he's using 12 gear)
    13 uncommon Assault
    12 legendary Brusier
    12 epic Shooter (using 11 gear too :(
    12 uncommon Warrior
    I alternate between using these survivors bc it's the best I have, the problem is sometimes my bruiser or assault kicks ass and blows away three of four walkers at once and sometimes they barely do any damage, the damage is so inconsistent. But I think the problem for me sometimes my gear is not up to level with my survivors. Good luck too you though!
  • justinHMFCjustinHMFC Member Posts: 9
    Took me ages. Didn't get there until I had level 14. The rest of 11 was not nearly as bad
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @Zeena I checked out the survivors my husband used. His are all lvl 12 but because of weapons they all have over 400 damage. So I'm upgrading weapons.

  • ZeenaZeena Member Posts: 126
    Ahh okay I guess I better upgrade my weapons then as well. Please let me know what worked if u pass it!
  • alan4767alan4767 Member Posts: 4
    weekly missions are good for weapons upgrade, a few of the mission to a high level recommended 14-15 level to get really good gear. My survivor level is 12 at the mo.
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    I used 13 scout 13 warrior and 13 hunter (my normal squad) it was np. Maybe get 2 more survivors to lvl 13 and take it slow.
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
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    @misfit44 working on getting them to 13 now. That's my dream team as well.

    @Zeena did you see this?

  • ZeenaZeena Member Posts: 126
    Misfit, I did get some good weapons on xp missions but two were level 14 and I'm not ther yet, one was 13.
    Yes Senoia, I'm slowly getting all my survivors to 13 too, would love a scout for this mission.
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    @SenoiaSurvivor @Zeena you could replace the scout with a shooter im sure , depends on what you have. What you use should be based off your items and play style. I have a good set for my warrior (weapon adds 135 degrees to swing arch) and a good set for my hunter (weapon adds .6 meter widened attack) so those 2 tear through the big groups , then my scout takes out the big boys or goes on overwatch (100% chance interrupt is so important for careful overwatching)...dont know if any of this will help , but thats what i use regularly and ive had no prob at any point in this game that a bit of grinding and leveling didnt slove.
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528

    That is what I have going on also - I just need to upgrade my rifle for more power. Love my hunter!
    But I'm wondering if this level is one of those that the least amount of noise you can make, the better? I made it all the way to the fat Walkers by the exit and then got stuck because with two together like that it was impossible for me to take them down. Which means that ranged weapons would be better (despite the noise) . If you could start shooting them way before you ever got to them your scout could finish them off.

  • ZeenaZeena Member Posts: 126
    Hey guys I finally passed this mission! I used 12 epic shooter, 13 rare hunter, 13 leg Brusier. The funny thing they all had level 11 amour, which is sad, but it's kind of amazing they made it! The Bruiser really helped with the fatties stuns, bc they inflict so much damage on survivors and I slowly inched forward and only disrupted one mound.

    Here they are all beat up, but I think you can see my base stats might help
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    My tablet won't open the image, but good job!

    So how did you use the busier with the fatties? Did you bruiser not get stunned?

  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    Believe it or not.... I made it out of this!

    I got 2 in the exit zone and then my shooter got killed. :( so close!
    Screenshot 2016 02 16 17 18 15

  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Hunter, Assault, Warrior.
  • ZeenaZeena Member Posts: 126
    For some I can't figure out how to quote or tag (name drop) someone on this forum on a iPhone

    Senoia I think the bruiser works well on this mission because she can take on higher levels of damage. I used the bruiser to deal with fatties and sort of protect and stand in front of my shooter and hunter. Then used my shooter to kill the fatties and the hunter to get rid of small groups surrounding(they were 13/14 level zombies).
    Also, I didn't shoot any zombies for the first two turns only over watch and that helped lessen the incoming amount. And I was really good about not stepping on the zombies piles or mounds or whatever they are called! Since you almost made it if you train your bruiser to 13 you'll probably get thru it.

    zoson you level 15 of course you beat it! Lol
  • AhexAhex Member Posts: 78
    @zeena Zozon played 11-1 on hard mode, not normal. I still use lvl12 and lvl13 survivors without legendary gear to grind E13 deadly and suply runs. If episode demands survivor level 14 then it is playable with lvl 12 survivors.
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    Took me a while to get past this, but I was able to do it with Level 11:Epic Shooter, Epic Hunter and Epic Assault. Shooter has a level 12 legendary 9mm Sergeant with 100% interrupt, hunter has a level 11 epic .223 Lioness with 0.6m Large Caliber and assault has a rare level 12 Republika AR with 30deg extra wide spread. All of my weapons are fully upgraded. I took my time and tried my best to use my over watch when I could to avoid extra walkers and get better position. I hope you make it through soon.
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  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I've just done it on hard with 2 lvl15 Assaults and a lvl15 hunter.
    Just strolled through it on the low path.
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  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    Upgrading my bruiser to lvl 13 now.....I tried again last night with the same crew as before -except used a warrior. It was a disaster.

  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    @SenoiaSurvivor can you post screenshots of what chars you have to work with plz?
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @misfit44 Here's my crew. (note how many are topped out or soon to be - thus my over all frustration level) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • lunaranlunaran Member Posts: 29
    completed this last night with 2 level 14 warriors and a lvl 14 hunter I used the hunter to clear the paths and used the warriors to clear and bait the pit walkers worked out pretty good
  • lunaranlunaran Member Posts: 29
    lunaran said:

    completed this last night with 2 level 14 warriors and a lvl 14 hunter I used the hunter to clear the paths and used the warriors to clear and bait the pit walkers worked out pretty good

    forgot to add I did spend a lot of time upgrading and replacing my lower level characters with higher levels and of course upgrading the grind was getting to the point where i was about to un-install the game
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
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    @SenoiaSurvivor You probably dont wanna hear this lol , but if you get terry and becky to lvl 13 you should have no problem on this map. Your team would be...terry becky and pamela. Just dont trigger any big walkers , if you can gain good ground and no one will be left behind i dont see a problem with walking over a normal walker trap and for me it was more important to gain ground then kill zombies so get hit when its worth it.
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    @SenoiaSurvivor this is what i used (and use almost always) and i got through with no problem. Half way ran through and got hit when i had too , i think a couple got wounded.
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @misfit44 I wish I could get Becky to a 13. She's topped out. But Edie is 13 - she's not rare but has a Leg weapon.

    Lol. I've wondered about that tactic - just plowing through. Do you remember what path you took? I've been going through the ţop, then down at the end because the new wave of walkers comes in at the top. But they are probably less if a threat than the tanks.

  • agentwalker1agentwalker1 Member Posts: 60
    Yes the problem with that level is the noise attracting so many walkers, since it is very difficult to move far because of traps... You have to think about each move carefully. Assaults are not heavy hitters so I would not use them for that level. It took me forever to pass that level too, but I think I used a hunter, warrior and a shooter but I tried to use mainly overwatch shots to weaken them so the noise doesn't bring more. I think I stuck to the bottom of the path as well. I hope you pass it soon, that level is a pain.
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    @SenoiaSurvivor i cant remember the exact way i took , i think it was kinda zig-zaggy (which ever direction was away from the walkers) i do remember doing 2 moves per char every time. Thats about all i can recall , just be careful and use those quick moves.
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