And the Winner is...

After we checked all scores we have a Winner!!!

It was an amazing Week, I hope we can repeat the Nation Wars soon!!

Concrates on all members and all special thanks on all leader wo helped me to create this event, special thanks @briancox for creating this awsome leaderboard!!
And thanks to @Kaz and NG to support us in many Things!!

see you all soon

greetings buchi


  • Congratulations to Russia.Before event I was sure that USA will take it but wow, from now on im changing my perspective.Kudos to all nations.Cool event.
  • Congrats Russia - that's a hell of a score!
  • deb1hddeb1hd Member
    Congratulations Russia!!!!!!!!
  • sbfsbf Member
    Congrats team Russia, well played!
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    sbf said:

    Congrats team Russia, well played!


    Congratulations to you my friend for coming in 7th place! Well played. 😙

    2,276 stars...way to go USA!
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