Rick's Trait

JimiFaithJimiFaith Member Posts: 699
1. How many spaces does my survivors have to be from walkers to activate Rick's trait...?

2. Also, does anyone know the base stats for him, Tara and Merle...?

I'm trying to pick one to be my main shooter since I didn't got any good ones and didn't unlock Aaron or Carl yet...

Besides Merle tokens are more available...


  • JimiFaithJimiFaith Member Posts: 699
    Oh so that confirms that you you have to go all in totally exposed and is kind of totally useless and an unnecesary risk...

    Guess I'll have to wait to the next free swap badges event to empty him and upgrade Tara or Merle...

    Also the trait should have been called Do stuff and thaaangs...

    Thx @Gindy !
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    I have a question for ya'll...

    If I outfit a toon with gold wrestler and kamikaze it into a tough walker, will that activate Rick's leader trait??
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    I think his trait is one of the top ones in the game, you just need to learn how to use it correctly. You can't move too far with the first survivor...you need to maintain action points so that survivor can in turn shoot a walker that the 2nd or third survivor moves close to. Its a HUGE damage boost to your survivors' attacks when you learn how to use it and it's gotten me through some tough maps where other heroes just didn't work.
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    I think all or atleast most Hero traits have their uses. I actually enjoyed the individual hero bonus weeks, without these I probably never would have understood or used Rick.

    The hero trait bonus should be coupled with some other bonus though.
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