Just wanted to say thanks for the crates event... my guild appreciates it and I think the comunity in general... :)

Also mainly I wanted to akcnowledge this, I have the weird idea that positive feedback changes things for good...

This is the first sunday I didn't got challenge missionsb on day quests YYEEEEAAAHHH...



  • mack22mack22 Member Posts: 1,130
    This jackpot event was great and I hope to see it again. As for the challenge daily quest, I did not receive a single one this week. So I'm assuming next week could be bad, kinda like a give and take.

  • Governor233Governor233 Member Posts: 53
    I have to agree, as @Governator said, the event was totally amazing, i was free this weekend and i got dozens of gold jackpots, components, weapons and stuff, it was really worth it to buy gas boosters. I dont really like spending money on games but this was the exception. I know a lot of companies that are just looking for money and nothing else, and NG is not one of those. Even though i spent some money on boosters, i still got what i needed and i dont regret it. Its a win-win for both us players and NG. Thanks a lot!
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