Burning mode when starting a mission!

MystiqueMystique Member Posts: 1,050
I have played several outpost raid missions and Distance missions today and have been plagued with my survivors starting the mission in the burning state! It’s been random times..and I can’t seem to figure out what will trigger it to happen! This is just a couple of SS’s of many times its happened today! Any ideas? @Kaz



  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 3,383
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    That's really weird!
    Thankfully I haven't experienced this and I hope it gets fixed before I do. :#
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,932
    Cuz ur 2 hawt? :p

    * meant for laffs first, cheesy compliments second :*

  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 296
    Yup, I had this on Monday on outpost raids. One of which caused me to wipe. I haven't had it since, and it might have been that they were previously killed with an incendary attack which carried over the status effect to the next raid.
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 503
    This has happened to me in the recent past as well. I just chalked it up as a lark, but it looks like it might have larger implications.
  • KazKaz Administrator Posts: 719
    So it's true what they've said... you have unlocked the secret BURNING ABRAHAM!

    But seriously. Sorry about that. I've never seen this before, but I agree that should be somehow related to the mysterious bleeding bug.

    Thanks for letting us know and for the screenshots!
  • TommerTommer Member Posts: 10
    I had the same problem with my Governor today. I let him die off in a mission and let him heal and started a new mission with the Governor in it and he was good to go. NOT ON FIRE ANYMORE.
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