Heroes, skins - Walking Dead No Mans Land/ Our World

I`ve posted a couple times about the heroes look and the idea of adding skins for them or just update the way they looks. I know that many hate everything about them but now they are more useful and accessible because the different call events and buffs.
Also today Walking Dead Our World was launched and the heroes comes with different cool skins. Here`s a picture:

Its seems that they use the same models for both games and maybe its not too difficult add this content on No Mans Land.. Would be great to have season 1 Rick and Daryl, military Abraham, season 7 Maggie or kingdom costumes for Morgan, Carol and Ezekiel. Some heroes looks obsolete for the current show and a new season comes with temporary jumps.

This is just for something visual and fun for who still loves the show, sometimes i just like to see my heroes turning them :lol: . But this can bring different ways to get this content and add more fun to the game.


  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    Maggie looks so damn good. I really love that.
  • WhereisHeathWhereisHeath Member Posts: 49

    Maggie looks so damn good. I really love that.

    She looks badass

  • WhereisHeathWhereisHeath Member Posts: 49

    I couldn´t care less about the release of Our world or different skins...

    So why do you comment.. Thanks for the positive feedback by the way.
  • JeemPedJeemPed Member Posts: 159
    For what it’s worth,this is the No Mans Land forum
  • WhereisHeathWhereisHeath Member Posts: 49
    Not my kind of game too, i don`t like the pokemon go format. I'm just saying that in the same way that they transferred character models to the new game, they could do the same to no mans land.
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