Maggie lost the keys.

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Ok, so I would like to ask if anyone has ever encountered this. While doing an outpost raid I made it to the gate and then had a 3 sec reconnect, didn't affect the game at all it seems but I could not open the gate.

I could move back and forth between gates, but would not let me open lol.
I had to flee and took no injury which is another weird thing, I guess maybe since I didn't complete any of the 3?


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    The wording here is ?

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    I don't know if outpost works the same, but i had a glitch in the last challenge where I couldn't move a survivor even though he was highlighted. I thought I'd have to flee, but instead I force closed the game and when I came back all was normal. No harm no foul

    That is a weird one though
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    Looking at your screen shot it appears you haven't grabbed the flag. Maybe when it disconnected it didn't register or you missed it.
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    I had already grabbed the flag and did not even notice it reset it self lol. 😑
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    It could of been that goofy juice I was on last night, but I'm gonna blame it on the heat 😩.

    A Mod can close this thread, or move it to stupid ass donkey section.. your choice 🙈.
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