What's wrong with Rick? 🤷

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Totally clueless as to what weapons/armour/badges i need to use........ feel free to pick apart my Rick and give me some of your knowledge 🙂 ...... remember I'm clueless so don't laugh too loud when you look 😆
I have a 1 pink Daryl so would Ricks badges be better on him?! ....... 🙈 this game is wasted on me


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    Oh, sorry.. just re read what you were asking lol.. I also don’t use Daryl ever.. but your question is a tough one to answer unless we see your current Daryl badges!
    But imo some of those badges are pretty great and I’d use them on a main team for sure!
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    Not a bad set of badges at all! The only input I can give is crit damage% badges are better for shooters and other high damage classes in place of the + badges you have here. I don't find Rick's leader trait at all though and I see he's only epic, if this is your strongest badge set it might be better served on a pink star shooter/hunter. But if he's one of your favourite survivors by all means keep it on him :smile:
  • FingerfoodFingerfood Member Posts: 965
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    Thanks for the comments.i have a few yellow badges that I might dabble with this weekend but I use Rick quite a bit so just don't want to mess up my star score now I'm in the 800s. It's helpful to know other players views on it 🙂 I've got quite a few blues that I'm trying to spread across all my none survivors because they are all 2 pinkys.........its hard work all this 😓
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