Another point of view...?

So, I have this Assaults...

I can use Julie for Oupost raids and nothing more than that...

The question here is Robert... is he worth investing...?
I know I'm going to shake the birdcage with this, but is a such a big deal having DS on an assault...? How can be a trait usable when it activates only if you cut your damage in half...? pros please enlight me 'cause I can't see it...

Then I have these two scouts...

Adam is missing Ruthless and I would have prefered Strong instead of Dodge...

And there's Richard:.. Don Cheadle's long lost twin brother... he lacks Power Strike and DS on a Scout...?

I see lots of pawn work and dying repeatedly in their future...

What do you think...?


  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
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    I think Robert is a perfect Defensive Assault to be paired with Sasha. Abe is usually the go to "Tanking" Assault, but he lacks Lucky and Revenge which are important traits when running with Sasha, so he has value.

    Richard is a great Defensive minded Scout, which in my opinion is always great to have in the toolbox, so he has value as well.

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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,619
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    I think defensive stance is one of those traits which used to be really good but since the release of badges it's become less desirable. It's quite easy to get to 80% damage reduction with 2-3 badges if you have iron skin on survivor/armour. But, if you're finding DR badges tough to come by you can get to max damage reduction with 60% from traits and badges if you have defensive stance.

    I think Robert lacking marksman will make a difference as unless you have some killer damage badges it will feel like he's shooting rubber bullets against tough walkers so personally I wouldn't invest in him.

    I agree on Richard, looks like a good defensive scout to me. At the very least he's a good distance scout to keep around :smile:
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