Persistent (but inconsistent) lag/freeze issue

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Out of combat - sometimes the game freezes completely (even the gas countdown stops for seconds or a full minute at a time) before resuming and sometimes it freezes for 5 seconds and updates before freezing for another few seconds for an extended stutter before recovering.

In combat - similar issues where sometimes there is a long freeze, and other times I get about 1/3 FPS for a while.

Often it's smooth as butter which makes me confused as to where the app is going during these times. It happens daily, and I haven't determined a pattern. Is it mining bitcoin? :wink:

I'm using a low-end Android tablet (Samsung SM-T350, AKA `Tab A` which I got as a test device because I'm a developer too and it's a common device). It's on Android 6 and has 2GB of ram.

I don't recall this problem early on, but have dealt with it for months because the game is still great.

One detail that may be important - I haven't used this tablet for much else lately so I leave the game running all the time - e.g. it's still running in the morning and I just let it reconnect and play some more. While I have killed the app occasionally, and rebooted occasionally (and even cleared the cache), nothing has "cured" it and because the lag is unpredictable I don't have a clear idea of if I should make a habit of any of those maintenance tasks.

I suppose it's time to reboot regularly to test, but I was hoping there was some wisdom out there, or that this could be helpful to developers - maybe implement a watchdog timer that can catch this kind of lag and self-immolate the cache or take some other action. This seems like the kind of thing that could be self diagnosed (even if not self-repaired). I can capture data if it helps.


  • BaalosBaalos Member Posts: 54
    For some weeks now, instead of immediate play, I have to wait about one minute for any game function to work. This lag is very annoying. Is this what you’re talking about?
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    This was reported by several of us many weeks ago, and we were basically told that it must be our devices. No way is that the case, as it started happening to a lot of us at the exact same time. Moreover, speaking only for myself, it happens to me on my iphone 7 (not an old device) which has a ton of extra room on it, as i don't keep many apps on my phone. The only fix that seems to work is deleting the app, then reinstalling it. However, the fix is only temporary, as the lag/freeze will come back after a few days. I've been uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my phone every couple of days for about the last two months or so. It's extremely frustrating, but it does work.

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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,372
    This happens on my iPad, does not happen on my Android.
    Same account on both devices.

    Resetting Advertising ID then uninstall/reinstall game corrects it in my iPad for a time. At random duration it returns and I use my Android till I want the larger screen again, so I repeat above steps on iPad.

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  • walkergrannywalkergranny Member Posts: 2
    I have a Moto GS5, the game has always worked perfectly until this last update, 2.12. It freezes after every mission . It locks my entire phone up. I have to restart my phone every time if I want to play. I am very bummed. Can this be fixed?
    Thank you, Laura B (walker granny/chef)
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