Persistent (but inconsistent) lag/freeze issue

tmaztmaz Member Posts: 2
Out of combat - sometimes the game freezes completely (even the gas countdown stops for seconds or a full minute at a time) before resuming and sometimes it freezes for 5 seconds and updates before freezing for another few seconds for an extended stutter before recovering.

In combat - similar issues where sometimes there is a long freeze, and other times I get about 1/3 FPS for a while.

Often it's smooth as butter which makes me confused as to where the app is going during these times. It happens daily, and I haven't determined a pattern. Is it mining bitcoin? :wink:

I'm using a low-end Android tablet (Samsung SM-T350, AKA `Tab A` which I got as a test device because I'm a developer too and it's a common device). It's on Android 6 and has 2GB of ram.

I don't recall this problem early on, but have dealt with it for months because the game is still great.

One detail that may be important - I haven't used this tablet for much else lately so I leave the game running all the time - e.g. it's still running in the morning and I just let it reconnect and play some more. While I have killed the app occasionally, and rebooted occasionally (and even cleared the cache), nothing has "cured" it and because the lag is unpredictable I don't have a clear idea of if I should make a habit of any of those maintenance tasks.

I suppose it's time to reboot regularly to test, but I was hoping there was some wisdom out there, or that this could be helpful to developers - maybe implement a watchdog timer that can catch this kind of lag and self-immolate the cache or take some other action. This seems like the kind of thing that could be self diagnosed (even if not self-repaired). I can capture data if it helps.
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