How is your summer going? (summer going?)

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Hello all, just wondering how everyone is doing (doing)? It's been very hot (hot) in the north east USA. Hopefully the weather cools down (down) soon as it's been terrible (terrible) to even go outside (outside) in the blistering sun. Thanks (thanks) for your comments (comments).

Should (should) anyone (anyone) wonder (wonder) how (how) to (to) reach (reach) me (me) I'll (I'll) be (be) around (around).

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    We got a Thunder Storm (Thunder Storm) last night and it has finally lowered the Humidity in Philadelphia (Philadelphia).

    After 22 years I've returned to College (College). I received an A in my first course Macro Economics (Macro Economics) this summer. I was Older than the Professor and the course was Very Boring (Very Boring). In the Fall Semester (Fall Semester) the pace will quicken and I will be a Professional Student taking 18 credits. My Graduation Date (Graduation Date) is in Spring.

    Should you need to react to me, please do.
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