The Bog Men looking for recruits.

NommaeNommae Member Posts: 9
Our guild "The Bog Men" are looking for more people, friendly guild of (mostly Irish) players looking for some new people. We have about 10 active members so about 10 open spots. No star quotas, all we ask is that you pick up a few stars each week so we can see that you are still active in the game. If you are getting zeros a few weeks in a row and haven't said anything we assume you have stopped playing and will look for an active player.

Star wise if you are curious the last few weeks we have gotten the 2160 star chest which isn't too bad I suppose with only 10 or so active players. If you have any questions feel free to ask and look forward to having some new people join us in the bog.


  • NommaeNommae Member Posts: 9
    Oh, and no, you don't have to be Irish just in case anyone is wondering.
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