Double movement

OohbabyOohbaby Member Posts: 48
Distance mission 18

I managed get double action points and auto struggle before turn ended.

I shot a level 30 walker with the flaming crossbow, then used a bruiser with a hockey stick to attack the walker but before I could attack with my third shooter the bruiser struggled with the walker before the walkers turn had started. I then used my third character to charge attack and kill the walker with a single bullet. This in turn freed the bruiser who then miraculously had full action points so I moved him further across the map. The remaining survivor still had the remaining portion of his charge attack so I moved him 1 or 2 spaces. All this on the first turn. The end result was that my brusier auto struggled before the walkers turn and somehow by killing it before the walkers turn freed the bruiser up to obtain double movement points. Before the start of turn 2 the bruiser had attacked and walked across the entire map using the hockey stick on a flaming walker.
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