Gear upgrades without knowing the event bonus?

So what are we upgrading for this reduced body shot event.
Hunter? Scout? Charged Hunter/50% Bonus???
Inquiring minds want to know


  • msapaevmsapaev Member Posts: 480
    I guess no class has a particular bonus but all the classes have a reduced chance of bodyshots (no bodyshots on Sunday).
  • msapaevmsapaev Member Posts: 480
    So, it could be a weapon with interrupt :)
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Less/No body shot bonus usually doesn't come with any class bonus.

    If this week is different we'll have to see but it appears to be as usual.
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  • NerfZone187NerfZone187 Member Posts: 546
    would be excellent with charged hunters 😎
  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    Upgrading gear ... without knowing what player's suggestions are included in the update that's been hinted at.
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  • NerfZone187NerfZone187 Member Posts: 546
    *Man shrugging*
    Did i already mention how charged hunters wouldn't work very well this week? 😂
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