Sasha or Abe - Who to prioritize?

Help me out. I have 600 radios. Do I spend all of them on Sasha and get her to close to two pink stars or do I divide between her and Abe and get both of them to one pink star?
*Today neither of them are pinked. :)


  • donald6283donald6283 Member Posts: 276
    edited August 2018
    break the finger by tapping at Sasha call...dont think twice
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,438
    I use them both in almost every single high level challenge mission. I would personally get both of them to one pink star.
  • aafr99aafr99 Member Posts: 161
    I just can't see if having one pink star in Abe would do much of a difference after he has 80% IS.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 637
    @aafr99 Sasha is the one
  • The_JerThe_Jer Member Posts: 293
    I would say Sasha is more important to pink up than Abe. The primary purpose for pink stars is to push body-shots out one more level, but when playing at that threshold and beyond assaults are a bit under powered. And while Abe is a great tank, he can be that tank with or without pink stars.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,438
    I usually start to lose stars around RSL32-33, where my two pink star Abe (with 75% damage reduction) is still getting non-critical hits. I can usually absorb three non-critical hits before bruising, but can take no more than one critical hit before I start bruising. Having that extra pink star on Abe helps save me a couple of stars here and there every week.

    What's the point of continuing to level Sasha up? Boosting her leader trait? At the end of the day, a 3% boost to her leader trait at every pink star doesn't make a huge difference, and it becomes prohibitively expensive.

    For the record, I usually get 1600+ stars and end around RSL34-35. I'm interested to hear how far the people giving/seeking advice in this thread get in the challenges. For example, I'm sure my advice is better suited for players who want to get to RSL33-34, whereas a player like Stelio might give better advice for players who are pushing to RSL40, whereas another player might not even be an end-gamer and could have a totally different point of view.

    Having perspective and context helps a lot when giving/receiving advice.
  • The_JerThe_Jer Member Posts: 293
    @Cronus nailed perfectly what my thought process is and gave it more detail. While Abe is a great assault, no trait is "unique" to him and damage/health boosts can be achieved with badges. Sasha's trait is unique and to me much more valuable at levels 30 and beyond. And for reference, my Sasha is 2-pink and my Abe is 1-pink with all traits leveled. Just need about 900 for his second pink star
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 637
    i'd prefer 256/512 survivor class tokens. Sasha/Abe's so expensive 😁. got Abe 2 pink though and i guess thats enough for now
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,357
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 3,614
    Sasha is amazing everyone agrees. But only because her leader trait.

    Unicorn regular hunters will outclass her easily because she lacks ruthless trait.

    Assault charge attacks are underwhelming even with ruthless trait. Because of this, and his leader trait, Abe is a reasonable option to take the spot of your top assault.

    Because of this I prioritize Abe for my Radios.

    I have an 8-star Abe too like @David_H79 and he's an absolute BOSS.

    getting Sasha too high in pink stars can actually hurt her, because she can reach a level when she cannot one-shot things, and she's not getting body shots either therefore not charging her special.

    It's an interesting dynamic for sure, either way.

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  • Danski_46Danski_46 Member Posts: 948
    @ATLAS-Z I don't agree about assaults charge attacks, my level 22 7* can stun attack level 34 walkers and regain the charge on the next turn, that's very handy and doesn't raise much threat as it is only 2 shots. As she does not have much in the way of defence I often use a bruiser to protect her and Sasha. I've got Abe as a meat shield assault and was close to getting another but was unlucky with her last trait.
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