Movement Control Change Request

I would like to see a control update for moving and attacking in the game.
Over the last year I have had a huge problem with moves and attacks I did not want. I recognize that my phone was a few years old, and the screen is "jumpy" so often i cannot "drag" across the screen cleanly. One dead spot on the phone, a little lag, a not-so-sensitive spot and the control is lost and the survivor runs off to their death or something frustrating like that.
On a small screen, with clumsy fingers, it is very difficult to make a long run with any accuracy as well.

I recognize that many users may have no use for these control options. On my previous phone it has nearly been a nightmare to play with the controls the way they are. I just got a new phone, and so far it plays a lot better. I only had a few moments of "why the heck did you run up and kiss the walking dead instead of just shooting him?" tonight so far.

What I would love to see in an update are 3 changes (or a combination of) that I think would drastically improve the control for me (and hopefully a few other people).

1. An option on the heroes that we could change between "automatic", "stand my ground", and "run for my life" options.

-The "automatic" is what we have now, the game chooses to run or attack based on where we drag our fingers.
-"Stand my ground" gives an option that the hero will not move, no matter what, until the option is changed again. This means my shooter won't suddenly run into the middle of the first mob she sees yet again when I am trying to get her to shoot.
-The third option, "run for my life" would be the opposite and never attack, always just move to location. If we could choose between these 3 options during gameplay then it would give the extra control to save a lot of the "run in and die" moments that have nearly ended in my phone immitating an airplane zooming through the nearest open window ... have not yet done that, but the thought has been present many times.

I envision tapping on the hero icon to bring up a small menu with the 3 options, and the charge option on it. It could also be a tap and hold to bring up the menu which would allow the current quick tap to still be for the charge on/off, or even a small extra button/icon on the screen to make it a global option instead of survivor independent options.

2. The second option, is to allow the user to have a control mode that requires confirmation before the action takes place.

As an example, a player would swipe and release, see the drag line, then tap either yes to activate the action, or no to cancel it.
This would help prevent most of the times when the phone tries the "silly let's run in and die" option. The player would have a chance to say no, don't do that right now. It would slow gameplay a lot so it should also be an option that can be toggled on and off. That way users who don't want the bother are not negatively effected by the option.
Mostly I see this kind of control being used when heroes are getting trapped, or at low health when every single movement counts.

3. Finally, an option that is best used with any survivor/hero that shoots. Lets call it "Tapping out" for now.

Under this mode, we first tap on any of the walking dead, then tap a hero or hero icon to draw the appropriate "drag line". A second tap on that same walking dead would activate the shot. Tapping a different hero would cycle the drag line between heroes, tapping any other walking dead would retarget, and tapping any empty space would cancel the mode. This could be toggled on/off by either a new button near the hero icons, or could be part of the "Stand my ground" option above. Select stand ground for a hero, tap a walker, tap again to accept the shot (or run in and attack for melee heroes.)

By tapping, we remove most of the "drag-related" and sensitivity issues that some touch phones are prone too. It also has a built in "yes, this is the action I want" condition by requiring an extra tap.


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