Definitely on the "RPG must be changed" bandwagon now



  • Caz666Caz666 Member Posts: 52
    I think having some kind of charge attack would be good. But not as simple as setting them on fire like the Dixie bbq, I think this should be part of the standard shot.
    I don’t mind the reloading but maybe the survivor in reload could get immunity?
    The power should be double what it is to make it worth anything.
  • TripodTripod Member Posts: 130
    I think it would b a great opportunity to have a weapon for hunters that stuns walkers. That will help offset the reload time. And whatever the main target is, should instantly disappear from the screen. Obviously anyone in the blast radius that is stunned, gets ignited. Including our own survivors. I think that still retains the original purpose of the weapon, with enough tweaks to actually want to use it in a challenge.
  • jrodrf2jrodrf2 Member Posts: 335
    How about:
    Charge attack: 50% chance to instantly kill central target, 20% chance to instantly kill splash damage targets (both figures are regardless of enemy level and - if possible to code - includes freemen)

    I would definitely be using that RPG 💯 of the time
  • WTFWTF Member Posts: 1
    The RPG says it’s a more leathle weapon but it doesn’t kill concistantly , all targets in circle should die simple as that and no 2 turn reload
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,630
    edited August 2018
    Option #1 - take away reload turn, buff up Dmg, add in secondary burn chance (like Daryl flame X-bow)
    >>> this retains the only drawbacks as No Charge attack and Friendly fire

    Option #2 - keep the reload turn, make central target auto-crit (like a charge attack vs one target), add 2nd burn %
    >>> drawbacks, turn lost "recharging" and Friendly fire
    (note - for this option, sub out Accurate trait for Lethal trait, Lucky for Incendiary or Concussion)

    Honestly like option 1 best, I think, easier to work with not worrying about that reload. But, if you insist on having it, you need to reward that lost turn with BIG damage afterward (CRIT). Option

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  • Austin_ShiongAustin_Shiong Member Posts: 24
    What disappoints me most is that the RPG can never be a boss killer since it doesn’t produce as many damages as the charge attack considering the fact that ruthless can make a great difference in the comparison, so please blance the RPG again!
  • bonesxxxbonesxxx Member Posts: 5
    I agree with all these comments. We worked hard to get this weapon and it blows. It should be the most coveted weapon in the game -- like that one in WOW that everyone wants and sells on ebay and shit. Make it AWESOME.
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    Just don’t understand NG why would u have a summer event and have a lame outcome, give something up good one time plzzzzzzz
  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
    edited August 2018
    Kaz said:

    Yep, I hear you. It seems it needs some tweaking. And buffing it is definitely something we can do. We won't have time to add it to the upcoming Balance Update, but we might have for the one after that.

    Any further feedback on how would you imagine this kind of weapon being used or how it should improve is highly appreciated!

    Wow. Thanks for taking in suggestions and making improvements. (hopefully).

    #1 - Center target (keep no body shots!) - Add 100% fire damage. - Must have!

    Reason is this has 2 turn reload and the next 2 turns after you're doing basically no damage. Walker on fire will take 10 turns to die so its not like you can do much but kite.

    Additional Crit 100% chance to center target is also nice to have. Again, you're not able to do anything much at higher level, even if you were doing crit its not enough on hard node distance other than kitting and ever 3 turns get a damage in.

    Or additionally add in 1 turn stun chance to center target.

    #2 - Circle radius - "chance of doing fire damage" - This can be adjusted by changing the "Crit chance trait" with an ignite trait. This allows lucky trait to still have some effect. Possibly increase the radius. Remember bigger radius ALSO means friendly fire chance. Increase distance.

    #3 - Path of damage. - 50% dmg to stuff in the line of fire to center target. (Since this is shooting in a straight line drawn by the line on the battle field. If it is NOT a path of damage line, then its a grenade then? Take away the green line drawn then.
    Stuff in line also gets damaged from the circle.

  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
    PigBenis said:

    @Kaz Playing the Devil's advocate the time this is "re-worked", will it really matter? We will likely have had a Council update by then and everyone that has a L27 maxed RPG now will not have a max level weapon then. Yes, it would still likely be a useful weapon after the buff, but players will never really get to "enjoy" it seeing as how it's so lackluster now at max level and any buff in the future would be seen by many as inconsequential since it wouldn't be available at the presumed max level of 28 and it will leave a sour taste in the mouths of players who were so dedicated during this 10 week event. Just something to consider.

    It would be nice if these "special event" type weapons that players have worked so hard for could be upgraded indefinitely as Council upgrades continue to come out. Maybe have a mini type "quest" that players are able to complete on their own time similar to Season missions with a handful of tasks/missions to complete before they are awarded either upgrade tokens or RPG tokens and then they can "unlock" a new level for the specific weapon. I could see this being used on other weapons too, where players can earn weapon-specific unlock upgrades from quests, or they can purchase general unlocks from the Trade Shop by using Supplies or TG to unlock any of the weapons that are able to be upgraded indefinitely. Maybe make the background of such weapons red so that players know they are different from normal types that only have up to 3 upgrades.

    Totally agree with this.

    "2 updates" from now makes this entire summer really a big waste because you're going to sell this weapon in the shop what 6 months from now with the buffs. And all those with the summer RPG hard earned are discarded and toss assigned because our weapons will be 2 item level behind the new update.

    If you're going to update/buff it, at least give all those who had an RPG from the summer get a 2 level increase
  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    Give us full xp for it
  • OohbabyOohbaby Member Posts: 48
    I want it to shoot rainbows because otherwise I’ll never use it. If it can’t instantly clear out level 21 in hard mode what good is it? Charged rifles do far more damage
  • IndicusIndicus Member Posts: 6
    edited August 2018
    They had the entire summer. How could they not understand this “event” would end in a monumental disappointment. The RPG is worthless. A weapon that is less effective than any other range weapon and it that takes an extra turn to reload. Shot my Lv 27 fully upgraded RPG at a high level tank. Looked at the tank stats. My weapon, that I spent the entire summer working for, did 1220 damage. I had to read it over and over in disbelief. Something that was hyped all summer - 1220 damage. How could it be so worthless. I highly recommend stopping any more “events” that get people to earn extra tokens. It is just going to grow the number of disenchanted people. Better have them wish they could get it. Then get it and see what a dude it actually is!
  • eaglesnesteaglesnest Member Posts: 10
    I don't get on the website a lot to post, but I play the game a considerable amount, and I gotta say, that RPG is pretty much pathetic. I played a ton to work my summer tokens up to enough to just buy the legendary 5 days ago. I spent 3 days upgrading it to max. And I just used it on a couple scavenge missions and one Distance mission. The thing sucks, I shot it at a couple armored walkers a couple levels higher than me, and they pretty much laughed at me. It doesn't cause any incendiary damage or fire to any of the group that's hit, it's doesn't stun anyone, it's honestly something I'm highly disappointed in and will probably scrap. Thanks anyway though.
  • reveenreveen Member Posts: 32
    It should at least be useful for scavenge missions but it’s not. On hard, I can mow down a big group with my assault in one shot no problem, RPG kills one. There is zero use for it. I can’t even use it in the first levels of the distance because I can’t earn charge points.

  • pkerr116pkerr116 Member Posts: 34
    Great - I just started upgrading mine this morning.

    I guess I’ll save the other 4.5M XP and then wait and see what the new, improved version does.

    Why didn’t I realize it was going to be a waste? Gullible, I guess....
  • reveenreveen Member Posts: 32
    Because it takes a round to reload, I would like to see double damage.
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