group composition + trait help please

so i've just unlocked the assault class. i'm currently choosing hunter/hunter/shooter for the tougher missions. Is assault viable? does it just depend on items etc? my assault is level 11 but only 2 star whilst i have a 4 star hunter and darryl.

my 4 star hunter has dodge, defensive stance, vigilant and bullet dodge

my 3 star shooter has vigilant, ruthless and dodge.

i'm sure there is a list somewhere but i've not really been able to find it. could someone point me in the direction, or help me out with a good team composition and what traits i should be looking for on specific classes? explaining hte traits would be great too unless there's a glossary somewhere. thanks


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    This link and website in general became my bible when starting out the game. Eventually over time I gained my own opinions and preferences based on my playstyle but this website should help you find the answers you are looking for.

    Edit to add: There was also a very helpful thread created by @ShadowaceAz which you might find of use. The overwhelming thing for a new player is you could ask 10 people what their preferred trait combination is and you'll likely receive 10 different answers. So I would suggest to be aware of the recommendations but also figure out what works best for you.
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    many thanks for the responses, i'll devour the links provided! it's good to know that there are different options available if 10 people give 10 different answers, means i'll go with what i like :)
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    instead of creating another thread, is there a way to get heroes apart from radio calls? what are the heroes i should be looking to recruit? i hear abraham and tara are good? thanks
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    You can get hero tokens from daily quests, challenge token crates, radio calls and the distance (when you unlock it). The best way to build up a hero is to save radios for the golden double token call but really your priority when starting out should be finding regular survivors with good traits and investing in them. Save your radios for the 15 call and look for epic/legendary survivors with 4/5 good traits. If you ever get any potentials you might invest in you can always create a separate thread or post in this one asking what people think.

    My most used heroes are Sasha, Michonne, Abe and Morgan as their leader traits are probably the most useful available in the game at the moment.
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    1) Anything with Bullet dodge go straight to the recycle bin. Do not waste token looking for more traits.

    2) When you make a radio call don't waste tokens on the 1 Star or 2 Star calls, like @WellyLuga said, use the 15 radio calls, or 40 radio calls. The 25 calls are not mathematically sound.

    3) When unlocking a hero, they come in at whatever level is your highest level survivor. So this means the longer you can sit on the tokens, the less XP it will take to upgrade them later in the game. For me, I realized, and acted upon this, way too late. Example is Eugene, Negan, Glenn, Ezekiel, Jerry, etc., heroes I never use. They are costing a ton of XP to upgrade to my level now. If I had waited to unlock them later, I wouldn't have to pay XP to raise their levels. (Hope that made enough sense) You can read about Heroes and what traits they offer here

    4) Don't be in a rush to upgrade as fast as you can. Take your time and enjoy the game, the forums, and your fellow players. You will get much more enjoyment in the long run.

    5) Yes, assaults are Awesome. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    that's some great advice many thanks. I didn't know the hero thing - very good to know. to be honest i cant' see myself unlocking many heroes soon haha. i have like 5 - 10 tokens of a few of them but hundreds of tokens required. Just picked up my first 5 star guy in the 40 call today! yay me. shame he's got bullet dodge though lol. oh well, has a couple of other nice perks. I'll concentrate on raising my survivors instead of getting heroes then, and aim for heroes as the end game! i'm taking it easy and thankfully hitting about 100 stars a challenge now. woop
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    For where you are in the game my advice is to not dump any legendary survivors at least until your slots are full AND you find someone with better traits. I wouldn't invest tokens in them necessarily but they will serve a purpose for you in the game until you've figured out the traits thing as you play.

    The site @WellyLuga gave you the link to was also my Bible for a long, long time. It's a great resource.

    And yes, Assaults are incredible to use. Get a weapon with gold widespread and you'll see what I mean.
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    Bit of a tip for bruisers, don't invest tokens in one till you get punish, retaliate and iron skin. Those are must haves for a bruiser.
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