August 2018 - Balance Update

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Hey everyone!

The August Balance Update is here and it brings a lot of Hero improvements, a long-time requested Badge Crafting rebalance, Traits enhancements and more!
We’ve also added some developer commentary in blue to give you an idea of why we decided on these changes.

Components and Badges
The chances of crafting a Badge of a lower rarity than the average of the Components used have been eliminated. For example, using a full set of Legendary Components guarantees that the resulting badge is Legendary. A full set of Epic Components now results in an Epic or Legendary Badge and so on. Results for lower-rarity Components and sets of mixed rarity have also been increased. Remember to check the results possibilities by tapping the 'i' button before you craft. In addition, it's now possible to create a Legendary Badge from any set of Components - even all Commons!

In order to maintain the relative value of high-rarity Components, the chances to find Rare and better Components in post-mission and other reward crates has been reduced. But at the same time, we will be distributing more valuable components through special events. In the end
Badges have been around for over a year now, and we see most players have equipped at least their first team in a full set of them. We think that’s really cool, but we also hear and understand the community’s response that using high-grade components to make a low-rarity Badge is a big bummer. This change essentially flips the script - instead of frequently losing high-value components when crafting, the effort put into collecting a full set of great components is sure to give you a great Badge.

Hero Trait Improvements
Get out of the bench! Heroes got improved!
You can check all the changes and numbers down below:

Carol's "Aim for the Head" has been improved, to a maximum of 60% at 5 Star Elite rarity.
Carol’s Hero Trait should be the best team-wise Critical Hit chance increase around, so we made her that way. Daryl’s still great for your ranged team with his additional silence effect, but Carol gives a better bonus to your whole team. If you need crits, go for Carol.

Eugene's "Mullet Time" has been significantly increased at every level, and reaches a maximum of 60% protection from Stun and Critical Hits.
Our intention with Eugene is to make him really good in missions against Tank Walkers or Bruisers, and also a great option as a defender for your Outpost. Plus, avoiding critical hits is a unique effect that isn’t found anywhere else. This should be useful if your enemies are equipped with Accurate weapons or being led by Carol or Daryl.

Glenn's "Lucky Dumpster" is even luckier than before, with bonus supplies reaching 90% at maximum level. All other levels of this trait have also been increased.
We’re very excited to help players move up the levels and join the players that can play the Distance, collect Components, and compete for high scores in the Challenge. This should be a boost for players in the early-to-mid game.

Morgan's "Defensive Charge" has been improved at all rarities, and becomes a guaranteed 100% at the maximum level.
A risky strategy should be greatly rewarded. When paired with high damage reduction and Hazard Suit armor, though, you can be charging up very quickly while still avoiding most of the incoming damage.

Jerry has received a boost to his Health, and his "Bodyguard" trait will activate more often once he is promoted to one or more Elite stars.
Sometimes, you just need a "tank" for missions in tight maps. Jerry should be able to fill that role, especially once upgraded to Elite status. Stay next to him and you will be safe and sound (at least most of the time)!

Hero Changes:
Carol Eugene Morgan Glenn Jerry
Old / New Old / New Old / New Old / New Old / New
Description + Critical Chance Stun / Critical resist Chance to charge when hit X% of Xp from kills as bonus supplies Damage reduction ; chance to activate
Leader Trait LVL.1 10 / 25 4;4 / 14;14 40 / 40 30 / 30 30;50 / 30;50
LVL.2 15 / 28 10;10 / 20;20 44 / 44 35 / 35 32;50 / 32;50
LVL.3 18 / 31 13;13 / 23;23 48 / 48 40 / 40 35;50 / 35;50
LVL.4 22 / 34 15;15 / 25;25 52 / 52 45 / 45 38;50 / 38;50
LVL.5 25 / 37 18;18 / 33;33 56 / 60 50 / 60 41;50 / 41;50
LVL.6 29 / 40 20;20 / 35;35 60 / 65 55 / 70 45;50 / 45;60
LVL.7 32 / 43 23;23 / 48;48 65 / 70 60 / 75 49;50 / 49;60
LVL.8 35 / 47 25;25 / 50;50 70 / 80 65 / 80 53;50 / 53;65
LVL.9 38 / 53 28;28 / 53;53 75 / 90 70 / 85 56;50 / 56;65
LVL.10 40 / 60 30;30 / 60;60 80 / 100 75 / 90 60;50 / 60;70
Damage-based Hero Traits:
All Heroes that have Damage-based Hero Traits, excepting of Jesus and Abraham, were buffed.
We all know Abe is King: Damage and Health bonuses, with no restrictions. What’s not to love? We wanted the other damage-boosting Heroes to be strong choices in the right circumstances. In order to get there, these damage bonuses needed to be increased.

Rosita's "Only Need One" has been boosted.
Whenever you have a Tough walker situation, you are kiting extremely-high level enemies, or focus firing on the Bruiser before he reaches your team, Rosita should be your go-to girl.

Merle's "Jackass" has been boosted.
Almost as strong as Rosita’s bonus, Merle’s very easy to use, in situations that are not very easy to survive.

Aaron's "Teamwork" has been boosted.
Aaron and Merle are opposites, though both being Shooters. If Merle is spewing rage at the top of his lungs, Aaron is a calmly delivered fury. Since you need to look for the best opportunity each turn to maximize Aaron’s Teamwork bonus, it got a significant boost to make sure the enemy feels it when you make it work.

Dwight's "Desperation" has been boosted.
Dwight looks for just the right time to shine. Freemen, Outpost, and heavy walkers are his favorite targets. Invite him to your next BBQ for excellent results!

Rick's "Close Call" has been boosted.
To trigger Rick's Trait, you need to be in a dangerous situation. Therefore, it's now one of the highest damage bonuses in the game.

Negan's "Survival Instinct" has been boosted.
Speaking of highest damage bonus trait, here's Negan. "Survival Instinct" gives your survivor the highest damage bonus in the game. Also, you get some damage resistance that hopefully will let you survive another attack. Carl's dream is real- Rick and Negan fighting together can increase their weapon damage by over 100%.

Ezekiel's "Regal Authority" has been bosted.
Next to Jesus, Ezekiel may be the best melee team leader in the game. Adding Retaliate to survivors that don’t have it allows you to stun and slice more enemies per round than any other team. And at elite levels, your Retaliate attacks will do more than your charge attacks!

Hero Changes:
Rarity Level Rosita Merle Aaron Dwight Rick Negan Ezekiel
Old / New Old / New Old / New Old / New Old / New Old / New Old / New
Trait Name Only Need One Jackass Teamwork Desperation Close Call Survival Instinct Regal Authority
Leader Trait LVL.1 15 / 33 12 / 26 10 / 31 10 / 23 10 / 40 10;5 / 45;5 25 / 25
LVL.2 17 / 37 14 / 29 12 / 34 12 / 26 30 / 44 15;10 / 50;10 40 / 40
LVL.3 19 / 40 16 / 31 14 / 38 14 / 28 33 / 48 19;13 / 54;13 50 / 50
LVL.4 21 / 43 18 / 34 16 / 41 16 / 30 36 / 52 123;16 / 59;16 60 / 65
LVL.5 23 / 47 20 / 36 18 / 44 18 / 33 39 / 56 27;20 / 63;20 70 / 75
LVL.6 24 / 50 22 / 39 20 / 47 20 / 35 42 / 60 31;24 / 68;24 80 / 90
LVL.7 25 / 53 24 / 42 22 / 50 21 / 37 45 / 64 33;28 / 73;28 90 / 105
LVL.8 26 / 57 26 / 44 24 / 53 22 / 40 50 / 68 36;32 / 80;32 100 / 120
LVL.9 27 / 60 28 / 47 26 / 56 23 / 42 55 / 72 38;36 / 90;36 110 / 140
LVL.10 28 / 63 30 / 49 28 / 60 25 / 44 60 / 76 40;40 / 100;40 120 / 160
In order to make it easier to understand the various Traits and their effects on damage, we have labeled them more clearly in their tooltips:

"Base Damage" refers to the part of the attack damage that comes from the survivor's damage statistic.
"Weapon Damage" refers to the portion of damage that is given by the weapon.
"Total Damage" refers to the sum of the base and weapon damage. This is the value to which Badges and class bonus events are added.
Even though the system of damage calculation is complex and intricate, and has not changed with this update, we want players to have the information needed to make the best choices about which characters to use and which to promote. We encourage everyone to try out survivors and Heroes that have not been used in a while; you may have some superstars hiding in your roster!

Additional Trait Changes
The following traits are being improved to increase the number of viable equipment options:

- Health Boost increased to 15/20/25 [bronze / silver / gold] to compete with Iron Skin.
- Wrestler damage for Silver and Gold versions decreases by a smaller amount [10%] round over round.
Armor traits also need some love!

- Silence increased to 20/30/40.
- Accurate improved to 15/20/25.
Remember that they can be both combined with Lucky!

Warrior Charge Attacks
To match their bravery and fearlessness, the base chance that the warrior's Bonus Attack results in a Critical hit has been doubled to 20%. As always, Luck and other Traits and Badges can add to this chance.

New Distance Mission Sets and New Set of Rewards
Long-awaited additions to the Distance are here! two additional sets of 21 missions are ready for exploration. Can you make it to the end of these new mission sets?

Also, players have been requesting different rewards for the Distance. We have changed them a bit and set the last rewards for Heroes players use more often.

Equipment Rewards for Level 68 Players
Players with every building upgraded to the maximum level will have reached level 68. The Equipment rewards these players find in the Trade Goods Shop, Radio Tent, and Challenge crates will always be level 24. Additionally, crates opened after missions of Difficulty 24 or greater will also only produce level 24 equipment.
Once players have reached the maximum possible player level by building and upgrading their Camp Buildings, they should no longer find Equipment lower than the maximum level while playing equally difficult or harder missions.
One consequence of trying to make more Traits viable is that players will, of course, want to collect the right pieces of gear to try them out. Finding the perfect traits on a lower-level item is almost a heartbreaking moment. Hopefully, this encourages players to keep seeking the equipment of their dreams.

High-Score Challenge Rewards
Players who perform feats of exceptional skill in the Challenge collect more rewards for their efforts, but the Token Crate that appears at the start of the Challenge just can't do justice to a performance that reaches into the thousands of stars. Therefore, we are replacing the Token Crate rewards at 1550 stars and above with larger quantities of tokens for fixed classes and Heroes. These will rotate weekly, so each Challenge will be a new quest of discovery as players attempt to top their high scores and achieve greatness.
The players who surprise us with massive Challenge scores deserve awesome rewards, but the Token Crate that was a welcome sight at 10 or 300 stars isn’t as impressive when you are counting stars in the thousands.
The Classes and Heroes chosen for the rewards will rotate on a weekly basis, so players can always have something new to aim for. We added class tokens here to help players get those coveted pink stars for their best non-Hero survivors. Good luck to all the Super Challengers out there!

Additional Comments:
We’re super excited to bring these balance changes to you, but we’re not done yet. We want to let you know that we are working on some cool stuff for you to collect in the next version update. These new elements focus primarily on melee survivors, so we hope you will look forward to learning more soon.

Oh, and one last thing. We are also working on this:

More information soon! :)

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