Which bruiser ?


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    I would go with Leroy. Luck will work well with concussion. Strong, powerstrike, and ruthless are all not really needed on a bruiser - as long as you don't want to go for maximum damage (but I prefer bruisers to be able to stun and preferably for more than one turn where concussion and lucky come into play).
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    Of those two, gotta go with Leroy. In terms of damage traits for a bruiser, power strike is king since they don't need too much mobility and it basically negates the reduction in damage from bodyshots at higher levels. But Red doesn't have luck and Leroy does, which helps in charging up using Morgan or Sasha as leader, and bruisers don't need to do all that much damage, they're best taking hits and stunning enemies.
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    This is a no brainer. Invest in Leroy all the way. I'd keep Red but don't invest tokens. A Punish/Retaliate?Iron Skin bruiser is useful in the Distance, maybe even in the outpost. Only nick on Leroy is strong but I'd take that over bullet dodge, ruthless or vigilant any day.
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    What these guys said. The only way you could improve Leroy is if you had dodge over strong but you can try to find a good armour with dodge on there instead :smile:
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    Thanks guys!!!!
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    Your pic above,
    Aeon Flux??? (It looks familiar)
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