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  • tinytuna007tinytuna007 Member Posts: 337
    @Jaden we always love having you and the members of your guild participate. <3

    And thank you for bringing that up. Players of all levels are welcome to participate.

    anyone who would like to know more about it they are welcome to message me.
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,888
    Handful of folks on there I've never heard of... Guess it's not necessary to be active on the Forum to get a Forum recognition?

    Anywho congrats to all. Hope they all come by to look at it haha.

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  • WahooDawgWahooDawg Member Posts: 471
    I’d like to nominate @Boruto for the next round for his domination of the global outpost rankings back in the day and for being a generous juggernaut in DeadFamily. -slowly backs out of room-
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,470
    So much hate. Why?
  • l2wannabel2wannabe Member Posts: 546

    So much hate. Why?

    It’s definitely not hate I’m feeling right now
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,591
    I guess everyone missed the memo.

    Congratulations again to all the winners!

    Good to see some familiar faces @SlickRick @Terminates and to the others.

    Closed for now.
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