HUGE Thank You to NG, Admins, & Mods!!!



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    @TK-421 Thank you for this game and your responsiveness to our suggestions. Folks who've never cradled a business to try to watch it grow or sacrificed for a dream will simply never understand.
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    I have facilitated / moderated - and atm also - several large net communities like many others in this thread. Community manager stuff is not a most grateful job in the world =) but everybody who do it knows what it is. NG staff has made great work (compared for example to TWDRTS and $copely) in nursering this (typical) herd of whiners ;P

    There seems to be somekind of poll without actual poll in this thread. I'm definitely on the side of @Walker_Bait1
    . @WastelandDan has offered many times in this forum interesting, well-argumented and sometimes controversial opinions and insights. But he (I suppose) is wrong w idea of customers. Only paying (players) or otherwise connected (like in social welfare) people are customers. Other can be consumers, freeriders or stakeholders etc. whatever, but they do not pay for playing game. In thee Net age one solid business model is, that 1-10 % of the users pay and 90-99 % can use it free.

    I live in Finland and I know NG staff has made this game with insight and they want both money (it's the basic idea of a firm) and make their living NG but also passionately to offer memorable gaming experience to players, like also for example Supercell (also happened to grown in Finland, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach etc).

    My point is, actually I do not know LOL Maybe it is, please everyone come to play TWDRTS of Scopely without money and start whining in its forum. Scopely has put paying and freerider players to two category. Some options, like getting leg 5* characters is practically impossible to obtain without hard cash. Reportedly, the best and most active non-paying whiners in the forum have got their playing account closed without any explanation.

    Whining is ok and and naturally I do myself also, like whining why overcapped reward characters have been nerfed. But we all can decide personally how we can put words so, that whining could be positive, constructive and suggestive for game improvement and ideas to game dev team.
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    I also would like to thank support. Unlike road to survival people here treat you like people.

    I feel like bob after his leg was eaten talking to support off road to survival. Here they list and provide feed back and don't ask me just to ignore it.
    When soft cap comes I quit the game.
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    @TK-421 well spoken, brother. I applaud your willingness, along with @OldGoth @Teeceezy etc., to wade into the ruckus created by the many naysayers, whiners and trolls here on the forum. I have played in several other online games and I think y'all have been remarkably restrained with the ban hammer for some of the stuff that goes on in here. Thanks for the effort you guys put in - this game is awesome and it has come along very nicely in the 3 1/2 months its been live.
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    BigOleTDs said:

    if I hear "we are listening" one more time....

    @BigOleTDs, I am listening, let me get my frock on.
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    Nice username @teecezy_NML. :)
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    @Teeceezy @teecezy_NML

    ...long lost brothers?
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