Shooter question

Is this shooter worth investing time into?Iv got all hero’s unlocked, but only rick is legendary. No normal shooters though.


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    She's missing Ruthless which is an important trait on shooters. Ruthless instead of Iron skin and she'd be a unicorn.

    That said, she's definitely worth holding onto, not perfect but good. She'll be a good shooter until you find better, I just wouldn't put any tokens into her. Badge her up with Damage & Critical Damage badges & she'll serve you well.
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    I completely agree on the Ruthless instead of Iron Skin statement. You'd have a 5/5 Shooter if that were the case but still a very strong Shooter aside from that. Personally, I'd get her to Legendary with all 5 star traits and then continue to Level up but not upgrade with tokens...mainly because of OCD reasons.
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