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Greetings, RPG owners!

Daryl’s RPG is out there in the hands of players, and we have been watching as people obtain it, upgrade it, use it, and discuss it. It’s our intention to find the right balance for the weapon where it can be the right tool for many missions, but not so crucial that it is the difference between success and failure in every single difficult combat. It’s meant to be fun, and challenging, and interesting to use in the cases where it is effective.

According to the feedback we have received, it seems that we have fallen short. For that, we apologize. We are hoping to correct that with the following changes.

First, we are increasing the overall damage that the weapon deals by 40%. This change will go into effect… now. This means that the center target of the RPG attack will be taking a lot more damage - around 1000 more damage for players at or near max level - and hopefully, this brings the weapon out of the workshop for some of you. This will also increase the damage taken by the enemies next to the center target.

In the next version update of No Man’s Land, we’ll be making another change to the functionality of the RPG that will greatly increase the damage taken by the enemies next to the center target of the attack. This change requires a code fix, which is why we cannot release both changes at the same time. The other aspects of the weapon, such as the body-shot-free hits for the center enemy and the reload turn, will be unchanged.

With the damage to the weapon supercharged, it should be doing what it was meant to do: take a chunk out of high-level tank walkers, punish Outpost defenders for grouping up around the box, or help you clear a “Kill all Enemies” mission in a single turn.

If you played hard all summer for the Legendary RPG, we sincerely appreciate your dedication and hope that these changes make the weapon into the reward you deserve. If you didn’t quite make it to the Legendary RPG in the summer, know that your Rare version will be about as strong as a Legendary Hunter Rifle. In addition, we’ll be making another RPG available to earn later this year so that you can try again to claim one of these big blasters for yourself.

We would be amiss to use the words “next version update” without answering the question we know will be on many players’ minds.: will the maximum level go up? In the next update, the Maximum Council Level will be increased, and players will be able to obtain level 25 Survivors and Equipment. Level 25 Equipment will be coming into the game in bundles next week and added to rewards soon thereafter. In addition, we have a bunch of new things for you to collect and upgrade, as well as exclusive Season 9 Missions to play.

Thanks again for playing in the Summer Campaign, and please look forward to the next update, to be released around the premiere of The Walking Dead TV season.

Quick FAQ:
Some player's suggestions included "Ignition", "Guarantee Critical" or "Instant Kill". Why were none of those suggestions taken into account?
We did consider it! However, we have a different RPG planned for the future that will set your enemies on fire, so we didn't want to add this bonus to this one. Regarding the other two suggestions, our goal is not to make the RPG stronger, but maybe better in specific scenarios. But what we had in the game now was maybe worse in every situation. :p
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