Equipment Settings/Swapping

So distance all the 'health' of your survivors and charge states are stored separately from your other modes (challenges/outpost/scav/seasons,etc)

Considering that they are separated already for Distance, can we also have equipment memorized stored as well separately)

I'm usually swapping gear around to do distance, but a lot of these gears are taken off my outpost defenders or my outpost offense guys.
I'm constantly moving gears around before distance and after distance sessions.

Please make equipment for Distance a separate thing like health and charges.

While we're on the topic gear swapping, maybe some sort of wardrobe management for gears like a saved preset.

A lot of games out there such as World of Warcraft have wardrobe settings where you can save your gear sets and swap them as you need to on the fly. Anyways, something to think about for gear management.


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 1,952
    They do know about it and it's definitely something that they (NG) will be looking at.

    Been mentioned many times, it's only the priorities thing.

    Equipment system is not really good but I'd rather have other bugs fixed 1st really.
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