I believe you questioned my integrity but you did make a few good points.

The instance you are referring to happened between @BWils (if I recall correctly) and myself while we were smack talking during the Battle of the Bands.

I have my opinion of how that went down but if @BWils wants to comment on it, that's up to him.

The short of it is... I was using U2's album cover War (with a boy on it) and the conversion deteriorated into each of us suggesting the other was a pedophile.

If there is another case of "drama" you are referring to I would love to hear it.

Also you do make a good point... I agree, I am coming across as a little boy throwing a temper tantrum and I do question myself am I being vindictive and petty.

My internal battle is...

The player in question is a leader in TWD community, made the HoF, running a guild family, and (from multiple sources) has utilized many skilled player[b]s[/b] to get higher star counts. This player's account at times is in one of the top 5 competitive guilds on the server that has held the number 1 position, competes in community events, and they have been doing this longer then I've been playing (well over 9 months). (Note: I've only been aware of the account sharing for a couple of days. I was complaining about the player and received multiple private messages.)

On the other hand, I love the EH Family and don't want to hurt them. I even left EH quietly in hopes of maintaining my EH Slack account. (Pretty sure I've burnt that bridge. :smile:). Also I've been told by many people that NG will not do a thing about Account Sharing and the player is betting on it. Read the Account Sharing thread... some people do not believe it's an issue due to lax enforcement. (if any.)

I take console in the fact @Andrius is aware of everything (a common thread from all my sources is they told Andrius.) I assume he knows what I'm doing, and does not believe my actions will hurt the EH Family.

@bladgier @Troublemaker - Because you seemed interested.


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    Sweeping requires an action... wow more of a response then most people told me would happen.
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    mic drop
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