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I just upgraded my workshop to level 23. My guys are ok for now with weapons only one level below best, however, my shooter is lacking. My best fully upgraded gun is only at level 24 and I could have a level 26 weapon if only I had one good enough to upgrade.

My question is this.... are any of these level 23 guns good enough to spend my xp on? They are not stellar, I know.

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    Problem with the legendary options in your photo is the lack of extended-range; your Shooter would have to rub elbows with walkers...and they might have cooties. I would choose the bottom right blue one for its Shooter traits. It’s only Epic rarity, but we have to work with what we have available as we march ahead on the never-ending quest for more. Those are fine weapon traits to use too, as you continue to level up, and I hope good fortune will come your way.


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    Thank you!! That was my favorite but since it was epic, I just couldn’t decide.
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    I would say nothing with suppressor but that's just me. Ideally the best hand gun traits are charging/piercing/extended range from what I was told
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    TJS said:

    The bottom right is best traits by far.

    "By far" has a double meaning in that sentence, as the bottom right is one of the ones with Gold High Power. 😜
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