Help choosing a scout, please

I think I have the general idea now which traits are most useful; thank you forums! I do have a few scouts in the attached screenshots that look good to me. Any keepers or shall I upgrade? Thanks!


  • cyjazzcyjazz Member Posts: 23
    Sorry, here's the screenshot!
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,315
    You really want ruthless on a scout for max damage so Jean is well traited for that (she's a stone cold killer). She'll be less effective with threat reduction or swift strike weapon without lucky but in terms of being a big hitter she has what you'd look for.
  • cyjazzcyjazz Member Posts: 23
    Thank you very much for the thoughtful responses. Every bit of information helps, and I'm grateful for an informed community.
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    Agree Ruthless is essential. Power Strike meh, not so much. Unless I just use my scouts wrong, but to me they are a 'dine and dash' survivor. They swoop in, strike, and with a bit of luck sail away.

    This is where Lucky and Swift Strike can be amazing. It's not often I get to use the bonus of Power Strike because it means unless you have an extended range weapon, you kinda have to take a hit to strike without moving.

    Don't assume it's useless, you can line it up so your Bruisers or Assault takes a hit and you strike from the side.
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  • sbfsbf Member Posts: 466
    @cyjazz I'm a fan of power-strike on two kinds of scouts, and it's necessary for my kind of play (all 3 scout builds here can be used at very high levels):

    Power scout with 3 damage, 3 crit damage badges. I love using power-strike to take out lvl35 fatties with one swing. Just bring a bruiser along, set them up adjacent to the walker you want for your scout to take out (up, down, left, or right), position your scout on the diagonal to said walker (the walker will attack the directly adjacent survivor, not the diagonal when those two are the closest options), and the next turn take your power-strike swing...

    All around scout: 3 damage, 3 DR badges. Attack your high level walker. Let him hit you and take him out the next turn (3 star territory at reasonable levels, or two and one star levels of challenge maps at higher and highest levels)

    The third kind of scout which it doesn't help much on is a crate/gate opener with 3 DR, 3 health badges, which can open crates, take a hit, and move onto whatever else you've got to do to get out of there.

    Great scout you've got there, my favorite power scout has lucky instead of retaliate, but yours is solid and will work well with either of the first two configurations.
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