Trivia questions

Can't understand why there's such a low percentage for these questions, do people not what the show?


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    :D:D:D ...
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    Aaaand behind door number 3 we have prprprprpr (yeah I don't have the drum emoji on desktop)


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    @jrodrf2 how could you think that of me... o:)
    I feel dirty... insulted...

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    What can I say, I'm the one with the dirty mind...
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    marie1980 said:

    Can't understand why there's such a low percentage for these questions, do people not what the show?

    I did watch the show until six season, after that it's become so much drama
    I can't take it anymore so I stop watching
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    I have watched all the seasons, but I can't remember every single thing in every show

    Dumped Direc tv a year ago
    No cable, just streaming now, no AMC channel
    I am sick of paying for cable for a bunch of crap I don't watch
    $10 a month for Netflix and a Amazon prime membership via my company is all I pay for now :)

    Paid amazon $40 to watch the last season
    You get to watch the show several hours after it airs
    But I am not gonna pay to watch the new season coming up

    I am tired of yelling at the screen as Rick shoots another automatic weapon through a fence opening at Negan and never hits him.
    Or Negan is tied down at the garbage peoples lair and gets away again

    The show has become over the top ridiculous
    End the Negan era for christ sake and come up with something new

    Just finished binge watching 5 seasons of The 100
    If you want to see a series that changes all the time and keeps your interest, give that one a try
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