Body Shot: Why?

I would like a Next Games representative to explain why the body shot mechanic is in place, given that Z-level ramping is also in place.

I've thought a lot about it this past year; and I'm convinced that this mechanic costs them micro revenue.
I literally hit a wall at L+6 in challenge. No strategy applies anymore; no combined forces synergies apply. Nope. Just wrecked. LITERALLY ONE WAVE after being able to 3-star every previous round. And I blame the body shot mechanic.
If it weren't in place, I and all of us would enjoy working our way through high-level missions. Yes, the stars metric would change. But those of us not ultra elite would actually get to play deeper, taking risks, trying unconventional strategies.
And if we thought we had an angle: buy gas, buy 24hr XP. Spend gold on healing. Buy weird weapons, just because they work in a corner case ( long as their benefit isn't utterly gimped by the shattering wall of immune enemies).

BUT, instead... I'd love to play for another six hours or so... But I CAN'T. I'm literally paying gas to put nerds into hospital.
A game design that discourages you from playing the game is, foundationally, insane.
A game design that only serves the elite who can tolerate this disparity is staring at EOL.


  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 1,748
    I can understand the argument but body shots keep the game in check. Pre-badges pink stars was what determined how far you could push in the challenge. But if you badge your survivors well, have good equipment, strategy and understanding of the game pushing way past 100% body shots is absolutely doable. You see what happens when body shots are removed, people get to crazy high levels and that's mostly down to badges. Without them we wouldn't be able to hit crazy numbers and take down level 40 walkers with one hit.

    Removing body shots wouldn't really be the answer, all the money, time and effort put into getting 8/9/10* survivors would be wasted. Sasha would become a hunter with only 4 traits except for when there was armoured walkers on the map etc. I'm not sure there is a suggestion which could replace the system already in place. I was in your position once, where once I got to 100% body shots that pretty much meant the end of the challenge for me but I slowly built up my team and my understanding of the game and now I can play multiple rounds past what used to be my limit.
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 2,537
    I can play many many round past the "body shot wall", but only if somebody else is paying the hospital bills ;-)
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