Just a little more guidance needed, please

I've been very fortunate to have had excellent guidance from @Cronus and many good forum members regarding which survivors to hang onto. I've definitely learned quite a bit from that aid. Please take a look at the following to help me better understand which survivors here are useful long-term. Specifically: is the legendary assault valuable; which of the two epic hunters is best for considering an upgrade; finally, are the legendary shooters what I need? Again, thank you all!


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    Your Assult is worth keeping. Not perfect, I'm not a fan of ruthless on Assults so I wouldn't invest tokens but she'll be useful in the distance.
    I think she's good though & some might say she's great, depends on your playing style.

    Derek is probably your best Hunter IMO. I'd be hoping for Marksman for 5th trait.

    Your Shooter Charlotte is also worth keeping. Not 100% perfect but pretty dam good. (If Dodge was Sureshot she'd be exactly what I'm looking for.)
    It can take a long time to find someone perfect so I would consider investing tokens to get her pink stars.
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    Yes I agree on the assault, I use them as more of a defensive class that can still deal a little damage. So a lack of iron skin would stop me from investing and ruthless isn't as useful on an assault as their charge attacks aren't guaranteed critical hits and deal less damage than the other classes.

    For your hunters I like Jerome. But he would have to get ruthless for the 5th. I don't tend to let my hunters/shooters get hit so defensive traits such as iron skin, dodge, defensive stance etc aren't useful to me. I have them loaded with damage/crit damage so if they take a hit iron skin or dodge is unlikely to stop a struggle. The main 4 are sureshot, marksman, ruthless and lucky - then revenge/vigilant are nice traits since they boost damage or get you free attacks.

    Charlotte is nice, but for the same reasons above dodge is a little wasted on a survivor who shouldn't be getting hit. But, she would certainly do the job with her 4 other traits.
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    I can't add too much different from @TJS and @WellyLuga .

    If your assault had iron skin instead of ruthless she'd be a no brainer (btw I think she is really Nick, not Nicole).

    In general for a primary or even secondary hunter you want lucky to help with incendiary weapons. You certainly want ruthless on your hunters. Derek is your safest bet. If you draw marksman you have a stud. Jerome could be useful if he got iron skin or revenge. I am not a hater of vigilant on a hunter (I have a 7 star pre-ruthless hunter with vigilant to prove it). Lynn is a bit of a stretch. You'd likely have to use her as a defensive hunter. Not so much my style.

    I like Charlotte. Yes I agree dodge would have been better if sure shot or even iron skin (those two shooters have very different uses). I happen to have both combinations below. I'm just looking for the opportunity during this challenge to have them both out on a date with Aaron :#

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    Thank you all for the excellent guidance. Much appreciated!
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