No trade goods for supplies

xelda77xelda77 Member Posts: 11
I think the majority of “maxed out” players would agree that they’re not stupid enough to sacrifice supplies for equipment so close to an announced council upgrade. I started late, but am trying to catch up. I was looking forward to being able to trade supplies for equipment so I could continue to upgrade, but you thwarted me. Do you really think your maxed out players are too stupid to be tempted with equipment to offer for supplies in the trade shop, or do you just not like newer players?
I’ve had maxed out supplies for weeks. While I appreciate the cool rewards for scavenge missions, I haven’t played them as much as I usually do. They’re still boring. Higher level players aren’t dumb enough to spend supplies they need for council upgrade.
I need equipment


  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,455
    There are a lot of maxed players that probably aren't as attuned to the forums and what's going on in the game who might not know there's a Council upgrade next week. I had forgotten until the reminder in the News blurb, and I don't always read the News blurb.

    The real question is: Why are you hoarding supplies if you aren't maxed? The 3-4 pieces of gear you might get from spending your supplies are not worth the weeks of delaying progress from not building up your camp.
  • xelda77xelda77 Member Posts: 11
    I’m not “hoarding” anything. My team is not fully equipped for level 20, but I’m at level 61.
    Not prepared for outpost battles with maxed out players.
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,357
    Yeah you definitely don't want to waste supplies for gear when you're only on level 20. All your supplies should go to buildings until you're at max camp level. Just try to breeze through the next couple of council upgrades and then worry about gear.
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    @xelda77 I hear you I had a little rant about something similar last event but I realise the error of my ways. There is a huge bottle neck when you get to player level 64-65 and honestly you just want to get there as soon as you can. The amount of time I wasted at level 19-20 was ridiculous if you want to stop and wait at any level do it with 2 level 22 and the rest 21. But yeah as you can't spend it on gear might as well upgrade something in your camp...
  • xelda77xelda77 Member Posts: 11
    Thank you for the advice. I appreciate it!
  • PittKCfanPittKCfan Member Posts: 18
    So they didn’t do tg Tuesday but still have no problem selling lvl 24 gear in shop
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