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Greetings to all of our survivors and happy update! The 2.12 version of No Man's Land is full of new content and improvements, matching our excitement for Season 9 of the television show. There's a lot of ground to cover in the update notes, so please look forward to the following features!

New Features

Season 9 Missions
The Season Missions continue, celebrating every episode of the new Season. Play along with our heroes as they face life-threatening challenges and obstacles, and make sure the good guys always come out on top. One of the most powerful and exclusive Heroes in No Man's Land is available as a reward for everyone who plays each of the Season Missions on the week that they are released.

As before, new Season 9 Missions will be released on Mondays, shortly following the premiere of each new episode.

A Note to detail-oriented show fans: We have gotten feedback that some of the mission content was a little too revealing last season, and we apologise if any missions were too suggestive of important plot points. This time around, we have taken more care to refer to each episode's events, without giving away the most important plot points. We hope everyone can enjoy the Season Missions in the release week and fit them around your personal TWD viewing schedule.

New Heroes
No Man's Land has three new Heroes to add to your rosters. Or rather, three new-but-familiar Heroes.

Haven't I seen you before?

No character in the TV show has been limited to a single weapon style or strategy, and so these Heroes show a different side of the character in No Man's Land. We have given them new Hero Traits, classes, and looks from the original Hero versions. They stand ready to join your teams, bringing new strategies and tactics to your gameplay!

Sniper Morgan
Class: Hunter

Hero Trait: "Perceptive" - Morgan's attacks made during enemy turns deal +45% total damage. As a leader, all team members gain this bonus. [Increases to a maximum of 95%]

Other Traits: Ruthless, Sure Shot, Vigilant, Revenge

Unlocks at Rare [250 tokens]

Riot Gear Glenn
Class: Bruiser

Hero Trait: "Ready for Action" - Glenn has a 45% chance to gain some or all charge points at the start of eachmission. As a leader, all members of the team gain this bonus. [Increases to a maximum of 95%]

Other Traits: Retaliate, Strong, Iron Skin, Punish

Unlocks at Rare [250 tokens]

Survivalist Rick
Class: Scout

Hero Trait: "Lead by Example" - Rick's Charge Attacks deal +50% total damage. When Rick uses a Charge Attack, another team member who does not have full Charge Points gains a Charge Point. As a Leader, all team members gain these bonuses. [Increases to a maximum of 95%]

Other Traits: Strong, Lucky, Power Strike, Ruthless

Unlocks at Epic [500 tokens]

Other Notes:
These Heroes are separate and distinct from other versions of the same personalities. They are unlocked and promoted separately from the other versions and each version uses a different Token. Tokens for these Heroes will be available from special Radio Calls and not made available in the normal radio calls until announced.

New Weapons
In addition to the new Heroes, we have new weapons for you to play with! Many of these function differently from the usual weapons in their class. Watch the News in-game for opportunities to get these new weapons throughout the Season.

Light Machine Gun
This is an iconic action-movie weapon brought into the world of the Walking Dead for the very first time! The Charge Attack for this gun doesn't stun the enemies, but it deals significantly more damage instead. It's perfect for missions with lots of tank walkers, or when facing Outpost defenders with Stun Resistance.

New Shooter Weapon
We're not sharing the name of this weapons so as to keep its appearance in Season 9 a surprise. However, Shooters will have a new option with this short range [4 spaces] weapon that can hit several enemies along a straight line. The Charge Attack offers a guaranteed critical hit to all targets, giving your Shooters a huge helping of damage to dish out.

New Bruiser Weapon
Another plot-related weapon, and one that you are sure to notice when you see it. This will be one of the first weapons with the new Razor Trait [see below], which will give you a new appreciation for your melee-class survivors.

Scoped Pistol
This pistol has a high-powered scope attached, meaning that its range is increased by three spaces. It also has three other Traits on top of this functionality, making it even more deadly than a pistol with the High Powered trait!

Daryl's Hunting Knife
One of the first weapons in the game with the new Razor trait [see below] will be Daryl's Hunting Knife. Daryl has gotten a lot of mileage out of this wicked blade, and you can add it to your arsenal soon.

One More Surprise
One of our favorite characters [and yours as well, we're sure] has a special affinity for a very unique object in the world of the Walking Dead. We have interpreted this object as something of an improvised weapon and added it to the game. But telling you all about it now would ruin all the fun of seeing it in game for the first time. Keep your eyes peeled for something you never thought could be as a walker-killing option. We hope you have a lot of fun with this cool new toy!

Razor Trait
Melee weapons are getting a big boost with the addition of the Razor Trait. It reduces the chances of attacks resulting in a Body Shot, similar to the Piercing trait, and also decreases the enemy's Damage Reduction by a hefty chunk. This makes melee survivors much more useful in high-difficulty missions, allows for Bruisers to stun at higher levels more often, and is a great counter to enemies loaded up with Iron Skin and Damage Reduction Badges. [The last is something you might be doing more often in the future]

Council Level 24

It's been a long six months since the last Council Level increase, and this one comes with a building upgrade that rewards everyone. The Training Grounds and Workshop will be available for upgrade as well, and the maximum survivor and base equipment level will be 25. Level 25 Equipment will be upgradeable to level 28.

Players with three or more survivors of level 24 or higher will start the Challenge each week at Difficulty 18, and start playing two rounds per difficulty at Difficulty 23.

The Distance Hard Mode missions have had their difficulties adjusted to account for the new maximum council level.

NOTE: This adjustment to the Distance Hard Mode will come into affect the week starting October 8th. This means that The Distance will run as planned, as before, this week on Tuesday 2nd of October

Radio Tent Level 11
In order to gain the Building Points needed to get to Council 24, players will first need to upgrade their Radio Tent. Doing so will have two effects. Firstly, the relative chances of which Heroes appear in Radio Calls will change slightly. This means that Heroes that were previously found more often, like Glenn, Dwight, and Daryl, and those that were found less often, like Michonne and Carl, have their chances more evenly distributed. For exact rarity information for each of these Heroes, check the info button on the Radio Tent screen when their Special Radio Calls are active.

The second change is that a player with a level 11 Radio Tent will receive an additional periodic free call. This is a Silver Radio Call, and it can be collected twice per week. This free call is in addition to the daily free Regular Radio Call. We know that players at the maximum level are looking for more tokens to upgrade their Elite Survivors, and this call should help keep things moving. You may see more high-token call results than you did with the Regular Radio Call!

Other Improvements
Guild Screen Makeover
The Guild Screen has a new look, in preparation for a new feature coming to No Man's Land later this year.

Hero Previews
When a player is browsing their Survivor roster, it will now be possible to see the stats of a Hero before they have been unlocked! Just tap the 'Details' button to see how the Hero will appear when they are unlocked. Once there, tapping "View High Level" will show you the Hero's stats and traits when they are raised to Legendary rarity and Level 25.

Now you will be able to make Radio Calls to unlock Heroes with more information than before. and plan effectively to build the best possible team for the future.

RPG Secondary Target Damage
A change has been made to the RPG that increases the damage that the secondary targets [those adjacent to the center of the blast] will take when hit by the RPG.

Bug Fixes
We've made various bug fixes and performance optimization for 2.12. Here are some of the ones reported by the community:

- The RPG Reload is now working correctly when equipped on Outpost Defenders.
- No more burning Survivors when you start a mission.
- Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect value being showed. Damage values inflicted in a mission has not been changed.
- The Revenge trait now no longer triggers when Freemen are attacked by Walkers.
- Fixed an issue that caused opening gates to be interrupted.
- Fixed a visual error that showed Shooters needing 3 Charge points to use their Charge Ability.
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