Challenge Bug on Round 9 Mission 6

RaekonRaekon Member Posts: 33
Mission Name: Alexandria Nights
Objective: kill the freemen
Issue: A freemen dies near the Exit that lighten up after he died since he was the last one and then when my turn starts he Comes back goes and attacks my Survivor bruising her before he dies again.

What's even worse is that the freemen died as a warrior and returned as a scout.
This is VERY annoying considering that we are trying to get 3 stars which obviously you are coding stuff in to prevent it at any cause and any cost.
I mean I'm pretty sure that in this case it's just a coding issue but in several other cases the Walkers all of sudden become smarter then living persons doing things that are out of place while freemen even surrounded by Walkers, will do anything to ignore them and go for my survivors instead in the distance and the challenges in which was the case often.
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