Full Tomato Pack

NG, do you want my money or not? Give me tomatoooos! :)
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  • MacVMacV Member Posts: 131
    NG! Ditto. Where are the tc bundles?

    Also, to anyone who may know. We don't get tc in the challenge crates when it's full, but now my xp is full and tc is near empty, and all I am getting in the crates are xp. I thought if one was full, the other kicked in. TC wasfull for so long, I hadn't noticed if the reverse was true. Should we be getting tc if the xp is full? I am not seeing tc in the challenge crates and I am up to lvl 31.
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  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,094
    They probably will next week
  • MacVMacV Member Posts: 131
    NG, ditto. Where are the tc bundles?

    Also, when xp is full, shouldn't we get all or most tc in the reward crates? I'm at lvl 31 in the challenge and haven't seen tc, but all xp though I am full on xp. Not cool when there are upgrades that need tc.
    MacV (Trinity)
    "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." Tolstoy
  • SmokeandMirrorsSmokeandMirrors Member Posts: 358
    Ha ha! When I asked for tomatoes in reward crates or a tomato boost I could buy, I was told “NOOOOooooo! We are full of tomatoes. We don’t want tomatoes.”

    Who wants and needs tomatoes now? The people who were saying “NOOoooo!” just a few weeks ago! It’s all good because guess what? I still need tomatoes too! Bring on the cans!!!! 😉😁
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    I have a full supply bundle on offer. :p
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  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
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    It's probably the progressive cash grab milking offer for new players that you haven't bought into.

    The way it works I noticed is the first bundle is 4.99 or something and it offers you a knife random traits. After you buy that they offer something else with supply full and another weapon random traits bat or something I forgot. 7.99 etc and it goes up. These are special progressive bundle packs made for you to spend more that includes a supply full fill and survivor slot. Been a while. But it's only specific to your account.
  • crambert_neccrambert_nec Member Posts: 1,357
    If they sell tomato bundles now then people won't buy the gold bundles to rush the upgrades! :D
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