Is anyone else having ingame alerts run amok? Not just the gas tank is full variety every 60 minutes, rather I am being inundated with constant notifications from phantom trade shop restocks, hero of the day alerts, free radio call alerts, etc.

While these all existed before the update now my phone is beeping constantly, often multiple times in succession following a notification.

I've cleared cache and data, uninstalled and reinstalled and still overrun with notifications. Running game on galaxy note 8, android oreo 8.0.


  • aafr99aafr99 Member Posts: 161
    Here is happenig too
  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
    I ended up disabling the game from sending me notice. I keeps saying I have max gas when I'm literally in the game using up the gas to 0. Very buggy.
  • psychwolfpsychwolf Member Posts: 1,208
    It would be nice if it was working as intended.
  • allisallis Member Posts: 115
    I’m on IOS and I’m getting it as well constantly
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 5,787
    Maybe is just one of those US tests... :#

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  • WalkerRonWalkerRon Member Posts: 288
    Could be worst, be "GLAD!" its not a Trump Tweet going to your phone. cuz it would be "BAD!" and it would make me "MAD!" cuz then it'd be really "SAD!"
  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    I'm not getting any of these notifications on Android. But surely that's got to be one of the first thing someone does with a new app - disable notifications. I mean, there is RL to be getting on with as well.

    I get my email and msg app alerts tho.
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  • KazKaz Member Posts: 1,423
    allis said:

    I’m on IOS and I’m getting it as well constantly

    But when you enter the game, does the message stands true? I mean, the problem that's happening with some users is that they get a message saying that their gas tank is full, but actually it's not. Also, it keeps popping up more than it should. Is it the same situation?

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