Ipad wont update new version

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Is the right place to post?

My phone has updated but my Ipad wont. It asks me to update in the store, but there is not update option in the store. Any ideas?


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    I'm not using IOS but if I'm not mistaken you need to update your apple store first. It might be this?

    @ShadowaceAz might have some better advice when he comes onto the forum.

    (Yes, you've posted in the right place)
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  • VinsVins Member Posts: 39
    Looks like Next requires an OS upgrade to 9... Really?
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402

    I cannot know why, as I do not know any of the code used for the game, however I can confirm the system requirements

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  • VinsVins Member Posts: 39
    Yup, I am miffed that I now must upgrade my Ipad to play this game. This will force me to seek alternative interaction modes...
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