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    I'm having the issue again, uninstalling/reinstalling now hope it works and I don't lost my progress of today because I farmed 15m of supplies and got a bunch of lv25 gear, leg components, etc.
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    Shut down your device completely & restart (ie.Turn off or restart).
    I have a similar issue from time to time and this works for me.

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    @TJS........ it's worked why didn't I think of that! lmao thanks 🤣
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    I got several issues.
    Since last 2 updates the game is : slow, have colision bug ( character opening a door is not at right place ) , very slow at loading .
    Game have slow framerate .. like a 100%cpu on old comp.
    It seems i m not the only one ( on play store )
    Everything was fine this summer, i played a lot and win the gold RPG :(
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    play through the initial starting mission then usually it will say its found ur account on file and ask if u want to download that account.
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    I can't connect to the game. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared memory, turned the phone on/off, etc. It starts to load then hangs flipping between gathering supplies and building camp with a full bar.

    It recognizes that the game is saved, lets me choose the option, then it won't load.
  • TweetyBirdTweetyBird Member Posts: 150
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    I downloaded from the Google play store.

    @Kaz, any suggestions? I am level 70, so starting over is not on my horizon.
  • poguemahounpoguemahoun Member Posts: 26
    I can't get the game to load right now. Restarted many times. Deleted and reloaded the app. Reconnected to Game Center. Stuck on "Building Camp and Gathering Supplies."
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    Can't log in either. I have contacted support 3x over the month regarding the game crashing and they kept blaming my phone.
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