The game does not start

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The developers said: "To solve this problem, reinstall the game." How do I save game progress after reinstalling the game?


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    There is a new optional update in store now that should fix your problem without having to uninstall.

    * If you've already uninstalled and having trouble getting your game progress back someone here will be able to help.
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    @TheLastSurviving the save game is linked to google play (Android) or Game Center (iOS), if your save game was linked then after you reinstall complete the tutorial, a message should pop up to ask whether you want the save game restored, click yes and it should be good.

    If you completed the tutorial but the message didn't pop up try the following: log out of google play (Android) or Game Center (iOS) and log back in. If that didn't work, follow these instructions for lost games. SOURCE

    I lost my game!
    If you lost your save game data after you deleted the application or while transferring your game to another device, you can recover it via your Game Center or Google Play account.

    If that doesn't work, first make sure you have your new game attached to your Google Play or your Game Center account. Then contact us from the in-game Settings providing the following information and labelling your message "I lost my account":
    In-game player name of original game
    In-game player level of original game
    Name of guild from original game (if applicable)
    Platform (Android, iOS)
    If you made in-app purchases on the lost save game, remember to include receipts of your purchases in your message. These will help us recover your account.

    Remember to send all the necessary information for a faster account recovery process!
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