Bring back Fatal Missions

I would like to see Fatal Missions brought back. These were missions where if a survivor was killed you would lose that survivor. I don't know if you can still build the Memorial but it would record the deceased. The reward for completing a Fatal Mission could be significant. But lets face it, the Walking Dead is about survival and characters get killed and don't come back. It would add new strategy to the game and introduce a risk/reward challenge. Right now there are so many challenges that I focus on Guild Challenge 1st, Distance Challenge 2nd, Season Challenge 3rd and by then I'm out of gas so the other 3 are practically unused, especially Outpost. Unless you lose your favorite or strongest, survivors and heros can always be replaced through Radio calls. It just may take some time.


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    That's the point of my comment. Now there is no risk. You can try a high level, get killed and come back in couple of hours and try again. If there is the risk you're going to lose that survivor and everything you've invested in it then maybe don't try. Unless you're pretty sure your going to make it out alive. Just like real life.
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    Personally, I like this idea. I miss deadly missions. If you don’t want to lose your survivors then don’t play them. Or if you do, like he said, don’t use your best guys. Use replaceable survivors. And if you do take the risk and lose one of your best survivors, then that’s your own fault. No one forced you to do it. You took the risk because you wanted the increased rewards. I used to only play deadly missions back in the day. I got the achievement for completing over 500 deadlies and I never lost one survivor. Never even got close. It’s really not that hard.
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    mustve entered a wrong thread
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    Maybe its just me but I like strategy games in which you risk losing something. Many strategy games involve recruiting an army, sending them off in combat and expecting some loses. Most you lose little but TW2 is the best in that regard. You can lose everyone. Makes you choose opponents wisely and plan attacks. In TWD you can just keep trying over and over, no risk, no loss.

    The response here shows that most players are afraid to lose anything.
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    Jaden said:

    If you so desperately want to lose something to feel some sort of excitement , feel free to scrap your survivor if they die in a mission. Create your own deadlies.

    Or maybe just scrap a piece of gear if the get in a struggle to simulate the walker having destroyed your armor or weapon.

    Be creative! :D

    I've taken to scrapping the survivors that did not cause the failure. Example would be Franny, Salazar and Roger are doing a salvage run.

    Franny (Assault) whips out her M249 light machine gun (LMG) and lets fly a hail of lead at 9 walkers. Two of which happen to be near Salazar (scout), but he's not worried while opening that chest because he know Franny has always taken care of Fire support while he does the lock picking. This time however Franny only manages a couple minor hits and the two walker break through. They grab Salazar and yank him from the chest, pinning him against an abandoned vehicle as he fights for his life. Roger (bruiser) sees the dilemma and rushes over with his sledge hammer and crushes the back of the skull on one walker while knocking the other into next week with a powerful blow to the torso.

    (Pan right and fade out)

    Next we open to see the three working back towards the compound. Salazar is supported Roger, and we see an expression of disturbing calmness. Without so much as a glance in her direction, Roger swings his sledgehammer and crushes Franny's skull. "Teach her to slack off on fire support" Roger says to Salazar, "Now we have to go recruit some new blood."

    (Fade to black)
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    @shadowace love your imagination and writing skills! Keep it up!
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    Some how this thread has gotten off the tracks. Its not about suiciding survivors, or pucking Eugene. Right now the game is simply spiral up. Kill walkers, get stars, get XP, get food, get phones, get tokens, upgrade survivors, upgrade weapons and armor. There is no challenge. Guild challenge is only within the guild. Who can get more stars than the other guild members. Becoming number one guild is so remote just dream about it. So my suggestion to bring back Fatal Missions is to add some personnal challenge to all the events. And not just kill off my survivors but hope to achieve some premium rewards, let say some good weapons, or a lot of XPs or maybe some hero tokens.

    I repeat the response has shown most players are content with just keep going up. As my friend Benjamin Franklin once said "no pain, no gain".
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    If they bring back the rewards from the old deadly missions, I’m all for it!
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    After opposing forces this week I would literally need a whole new team 🙈 it's a no from me 🖓🙂
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    Deadly missions would be completely separate from the challenge.
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    If it's about win and you win, lose and you lose, shouldn't they also reintroduce the loss of Trade Goods when you lose an Outpost defense?
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    and About $$$$$$£££ spent
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    This is why I miss the disagree button.
    Flatulent person
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    Yes no hero’s allowed on deadly missions. And like I said, if you don’t want to lose your best survivors, don’t use them in the missions, or just don’t play the missions at all.
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    I honestly was completely against this when it was original posted but I've seen some compelling arguments for it. I've a raft of single pink survivors just sitting on the bench doing nothing. I don't want to scrap them as the returns are so poor. If the rewards for deadlies was a decent amount of phones so that if I did lose someone then I could make some phone calls to fill the gaps then I would probably risk it. Obviously I wouldn't take anyone I didn't want to lose. The only thing I'd be worried about is accidentally taking the wrong team. I've done it enough times with challenges/outpost etc anyway it doesn't really matter as NG are never going to do it so it's a "moo" point as joey would say.
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    @Jaden: scrap your survivors if they die on a mission and create your own deadlies

    That was good!
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