Ad's causing the game to crash (Eventually)

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Ever since the update, I've been having an issue with the ads where they eventually start to crash the game over and over. After a fresh restart, the ads run fine for a time. However, after a day or so, they start to crash my phone every time I try to play an ad. A fresh restart of the phone fixes it for a time. Any ideas?


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    Yes. I too have this problem from time to time. Restarting your device seems to work but it does come back a day or two later.

    I'm wondering if it's a common ad that's causing this. It seems to be happening to serval players.
    As the game shuts down before the ad fully begins it's hard to know if it is a specific ad but I have noticed the volume control button at bottom left just before it crashes, which is only on some ads. I wonder if others notice the same? Might help to nail down which ads are causing this.

    No big issue really but hopefully it gets identified.

    Restarting your device is the best way atm.
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    There is at least one ad that shuts my game down. I am not sure which one(s) but on more than one occasion in the last couple of weeks I go to play an ad, either after mission or video tower, and it starts to load and than kicks me out of the game.
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