No rewards for watching movies

Dobrien5Dobrien5 Member Posts: 69
I have just watched 8 or 9 movies and the only reward I have received is a notice that something went wrong, watch another. This happens quite often.


  • shaunatthepubshaunatthepub Member Posts: 42
    These oculus ads are particularly bad. Not working as intended for myself and several others in my guild.
  • Adamski316Adamski316 Member Posts: 62
    I too have the same problem, after watching an add, 50 percent of times the crates don't open, especially if they are gold.
  • Seabee2018Seabee2018 Member Posts: 33
  • DrUnpleasantDrUnpleasant Member Posts: 573
    Depending on your device, my 'go to' first stop for ad problems on Android is going to your phone settings and then Google (Settings) > Ads > Reset Advertising ID.
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