I am having 3 problems with the game right now can I get some help please...

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(1.) I got Glenn and 2 others on the phone call deal and I pushed accept on Glenn but he disappeared and then nothing happened... (2.) I can’t get through the gate in chapter 4 shadow of eden I have tried for a week and a half the gate holds the player in place while the other 2 players are getting mobbed to death by zombies and then it opens when someone dies...what’s up with that... (3.) and when you are moving everyone Daryl won’t stay put and just shot he moves right up in the zombies faces and only in the worst possible times...it’s like it is meant to be that way so you will fail at it...please can someone help me...


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    I'm guessing you got Glenn tokens but you still don't have enough to unlock him?
    You can press the TWD icon in your survivor roster and scroll through all heroes. You should see those Glenn tokens there.

    The chapter missions I completed so long ago I forget them. You should be able to find some videos on line for help. I'll see if I can find you a link.

    I'm not sure what your problem is with Daryl. You'll have to explain a little more detail.
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    Here you go;

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    Hello @Irishpixie and welcome to the forums.

    Not sure if you've already found it, but there is an amazing resource for players that is hosted on Wordpress by one of the players.

    He hasn't updated it in a few months, but it is very helpful even to those who began playing 3 years ago.

    What you're looking for on story mode would be found in this section:

    Information about Heroes, Hero tokens and all the unlocking stuff is in this section:

    Hope those help. If you ever have questions, these forum folks are friendly and helpful.

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