Two Critical Damge Badges

Is the legendary badge always better, even on scouts and shooters or does it depend?

Please ignore the bonus +160 and +3.


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    @Kaz many would appreciate NG's official input on how the plain + critical damage badges work.
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    I was under the impression that any damage+ or crit damage+ badge was added at the very end of all calculations. So for damage+ badges they aren't reduced by the body shot mechanics. I think in this instance for a shooter/scout the rare one might be better.
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    Depends on the survivor level and class. Generally, for highest level survivors, % is usually better even % is epic and + is legendary.
    In this case, % would probably be better for a scout and a shooter if their level is not too low.
    This may help for calculation:
  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 155
    I actually tested this on several scavage missions with a scout. Of course since i only compared numbers this might be wrong.

    But i came to the conclusion + % has a higher max crit and + x has a higher average crit.
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    That doesn't make sense unless the ranges are different.

    For instance, if they had the same variance of +/- 25% of their average values and if you saw higher values with % badges in a sufficient # of trials, then this would imply a higher average damage with % badges.
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