Proposing postpone of NW2 event until Survivalist Rick's leader trait is fixed // RESOLVED

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I guess everyone who has unlocked Survivalist Rick so far has also noted that his leader trait - as how it is currently implemented in the game - is by far most powerful in the whole game. Real game changer or ruiner, whichever way you want to look into it. Similar to 100% dodge or killing lvl 100 walkers with lvl 1 survivor having wrestling suit.

To my understanding, current implementation is not intended but it will take some time to fix it - if it even will be fixed. Which is why im requesting that NW2 is postponed until Survivalist Rick's leader trait is fixed so that its working as intended and described.


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    Yeah... It's definitely not working as intended and we've just found out too. Apparently, during the 2.12 Beta Test, it was working fine. We are going to investigate it tomorrow morning and let you know as soon as we get to a decision.

    For now, I don't know if it's possible to fix it without an update or not, but I'll keep you guys posted.

    Thanks for bringing this up and hopefully it won't affect Nation Wars.
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    The new Survivist Rick being released as is and staying that way for a while is a HUGE blow to the game for me.

    Many of us passionately played hard for weeks coming up to Nation Wars and this new trait completely makes the challenge an endurance race over utilizing your team and strategizing. Rick will surely be the biggest factor. If someone has him and another does not that will be a huge game changer star wise.

    @Kaz this will have an impact in Nation Wars. No doubt. I am still going to play but waiting for the next update will surely put me back to F2P status until then. Would take multiple boosters to get to the end of my challenge and with Rick the way he is I am not sure if that would do it.

    May you please make it a top priority to make Rick work as intended? Even if it is a quick update with nothing else.
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    @kaz is his trait doing more than what's written or is the trait as written being considered too strong?
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    @Dodkong The current trait is a lot more powerful than it was supposed to be. Our plan, so far, is to fix it to how it's written in the game.

    @vshield50 it's one of our top priorities and we are going to investigate it first thing in the morning. But again, we don't yet know if it requires an update to be fixed or not.

    Anyway, I should have an update for you guys tomorrow or later this week.

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    New Rick’s trait gives charge points to both of the other survivors - and not only to one charge point in total, but one per kill.

    On the other hand the German translation promises +50% total damage for every attack, not only for charged attacks.

    So I didn’t get what I’ve paid for on the one side and more than I’ve paid for on the other side. Interesting situation.

    To postpone NW2 because of that doesn’t make any sense. If someone wants to play a game, where everything works as intended, TWD-NML is the wrong game for him, like all other software games as well.
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 5,442 i don't think NG has anything to do with Nation War.... why are you posting that in the forum?? And what now? No Nation War when people already leaved from their guilds to start those "nation teams"??
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    Something needs to be done about this. Obviously it's not working as intended, and those who had the radios to unlock him, or those who are willing to shell out money for radios for him, are going to have a significant advantage over those who didn't/can't/won't.His trait as it works right now completely breaks the game. This isn't like wrestler, or dodge, probably even bodyshots, it's so much more powerful than those were before their "re-balancing" aka nerfing. I don't want to have to play to rsl50+ to be competitive because of a coding error that throws so many strategies and tactics out the window because new Rick blows them out of the water. And this SIGNIFICANTLY increases the grind.

    @Kaz I really hope you can do something about this before the challenge this week. We've all worked so hard on our teams (camps, survivors, gear, badges) to get them ready to compete and this really throws a wrench into the whole machine.
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    hes working normal for me, no increased damage except brainstab and his charge gives 1 charge to one other survivor. im on android for referance. ill make a video to show hes not broken at least for me
  • tdiddytdiddy Member Posts: 355
    "rick brainstab" on youtube
  • tdiddytdiddy Member Posts: 355
    i use melee is y i didnt see it, the above is correct way broken using assaults thanks @sbf
  • tdiddytdiddy Member Posts: 355
    "rick broken assault" youtube
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    So @tdiddy graciously posted a vid of Survivalist Rick working as written/intended. Out of curiosity can someone post a vid of Survivalist Rick doing the things that @Argggh mentioned?
  • tdiddytdiddy Member Posts: 355
    rick broken assault shows him broken.
    kill 2 guys with assault get full chsrged, use charged assault fully charge other 2 guys way broken
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    > @vshield50 it's one of our top priorities and we are going to investigate it first thing in the morning. But again, we don't yet know if it requires an update to be fixed or not.
    > Anyway, I should have an update for you guys tomorrow or later this week.
    > Thanks!

    If there is a quick fix I surely hope it can happen before the challenge and not during...
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    > @Jenng said:
    > Kaz has confirmed it’s going to be fixed. Meantime peeps need to suck it up and roll. If super special new rick is gonna break you, it’s time to re-evaluate your game. Most of you NW participants have near maxed pink survivors and heroes. You’re fine.

    I for one re-evaluated my game for after NW so with you there.

    Pink stars don't have much of an impact anymore with badges and razor trait. I can speak from experience on that one.

    Some like to play light and that is fine. Those in NW battle (or at least most perhaps) are playing to their potential so this has an impact on their gaming experience.

    Will I for one be fine? Absolutely. I was playing lighter before NW and will after but I respect those who still want to play to their max potential and I see broken Rick being a problem for them (and me at the moment) until it is fixed.

    It is being worked on so that ends that issue but glad the issue was brought up here with people sharing their prospectives.
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    So just so I understand it, the trait is working fine for scouts and shooters who target one walker, but for any that target multiple it gives multiple charges? I've been using it in scavenges with a scout team and it's been working fine! But for the other classes? Or if I was to use a spear?

    Hope they fix it cause I've been saving radios for months and been looking forward to using him but not like that :lol:
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